Stoning Fashola To Death Over APC Failed Power Promise  By Erasmus Ikhide

Stoning Fashola To Death Over APC Failed Power Promise By Erasmus Ikhide

FREEPRESS – Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Minister of Works, Power and Housing should have been stoned publicly to death if Nigerians electorate were a thinking, organic, and reflective people for taking them for a fraudulent electioneering promise to fix the electricity crisis plaguing the nation six months after assuming power.

The instigation of stoning Mr. Fahola to death — Prince Tony Momoh actually told Nigerians to stone APC members to death if President Buhari failed on his electoral promises — is premised on the recent amateur video that has gone wild of Indian politicians who were seen clubbed and stoned for breaking electoral promises, while asking to be voted back to power.

If the India citizens could so stoned their failed politicians publicly to the admiration of the global community, stoning of Mr. Fashola and the APC minders should be used as foremost example for corrupt and bad leadership on the Africa continent with broken promises as a precursor to heeding Prince Tony Momoh’s counsel to Nigeria to publicly execute his party members and himself.

Against his earlier promise and his political party avow manifesto to fixing power crisis — and by sheer act of providence Fashola was made power minister. APC’s woeful failure to deliver on power generation is the single most audacious, awful and dramatized fraud visited on the Nigerian people in living history. Listening to Alhaji Fashola talking about “Next Level” gambit is the worst form of political deception that must resisted by all patriotic Nigerians.

Following the flag off of political campaigns ahead of the 2019 general elections, Fashola stated that the All Progressives Party (APC)-led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari did not promise to fix all the challenges facing the country in four years. Out of naivety and mindlessness however, the minister deadened his conscience over APC’s wicked falsehood on the state of the economy.

Two things probably are at the heart of Mr. Fashola’s misdemeanor: it’s either that the power minister has his memories to forget or he deliberately thinks Nigerians are as foolish as himself. Fashola must be suffering from mental collapse to think Nigerians have forgotten when he said in 2014 that “Any serious government will fix power crisis in six months”.

If solving the nation’s power challenge is not a rocket science under six months as he hazarded at the time, there is no reasons Nigerians shouldn’t stone Fashola to death for failing on the same position nearly four years after.

Tragically — as it was in 2015 — the APC is jostling for power with empty heads and plain scripts at all costs without grand design or cognitive master plans on how to savage the nation’s plethora of crises — electricity, security and economic upon which APC prosecuted its 2015 electioneering. Nigerians must not allowed themselves to be shortchanged the second time by a political party that thrives on manipulative propaganda.

Nigerians, strictly speaking should chase the APC away from our body polity. The party only exists for the selfish and heartless cabals with a mission to pillage and destroy the country on a permanent bases. APC is only interested in canonising corrupt folks who amongst its fold have been chasing perceived politicians who refused to join the looting festival under President Buhari’s corrupt government.

Mr. Fashola has flaunting his clownishness unto the bargain — even as he wears his double faced duality. For the past months, the entire nation has been thrown into total darkness. Yet, Fashola kept deceiving himself and the APC apologists that the nation’s power generation has improved beyond its stipulated projection — halfheartedly admitting in another breathe that APC government will be meeting its actual target of power generation in another four years!

Nigerians have no reasons whatsoever to activate their “Next Level” of degradation, of failed electoral promises, perilous corruption, excruciating poverty, unremitting hunger, joblessness, jobs loss, collapse of educational institutions, power failure and the State-sponsored Fulani herder’s terrorism against them.

The verdict of rejection that will be visited on the APC in next year’s general election is such that will be repository on the nation’s political evolution on how not to take the people for granted, regardless of the foibles of the rest 91 political parties.

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