Some Actresses Desperate For Fame – Actress Caroline Igben

ACTRESS, Caroline Igben, has said some actresses can do anything for fame, but she focuses on doing things that will give her relevance in the industry.

She told Saturday Beats, “Some people may want fame instantly that they don’t mind doing anything that will put them in traffic for people to start talking about them.

“If that is the way they choose to go about it, then it is fine. For me, I am just looking more towards longevity and what is relevant in the industry.”

She also advised actresses against sending their nudes to people. She said, “Trusting people is not something that girls should do easily, especially with their bodies, because anything that happens tends to affect their brand. Also, there is the generalization that actresses are this and that. We (actresses) all should be more cautious going forward.”

Speaking on the reason she chose to do comic skits, Igben said she wanted to get visibility on a film project rather than just wait and do nothing.

She said, “It (skit making) is something that one can do as long as one has good lighting and phone. For me, it was more like visibility with a skit to get a film job. If the film jobs are not coming, one should not just sit there and wait for a big break without doing anything.”

The actress also explained that this year she would like to be on projects that would put her in strategic places whether in a cinema movie or streamed across platforms online.