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Singer Portable Accuses Davido Of Using Him To Gain Attention Without Payment

Controversial Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, has recently accused award-winning artist Davido of exploiting him for social media attention. Portable claims that during a dinner in Atlanta, United States, Davido promised to feature him but did not follow through, instead using Portable to gain traction online.

In a video posted on Tuesday, Portable expressed disappointment with Davido, alleging that Davido advised him poorly during his U.S. visit, including suggesting he work with Empire Music while Davido was associated with Sony Music.


Portable asserted his own status as a “superstar” and criticized Davido for not compensating him adequately, suggesting $10,000 would have been appropriate. He further accused Davido of insincerity, claiming Davido only used him for publicity without offering financial support or opportunities.

This dispute escalated online, leading Davido to unfollow Portable on Instagram. The conflict intensified when Davido called fellow musician Zlatan to speak with Portable, an interaction that did not end well according to Portable’s account. He alleged Zlatan cautioned him about Davido’s affiliations, insinuating Davido’s involvement in a group Portable referred to as “Aye.”

Portable warned Zlatan against making negative remarks about him, highlighting ongoing tensions within Nigeria’s music industry.

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