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Sept 21 Edo Guber Poll: Referendum On State Of The Nation-Commissioner For Communication

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It has become imperative for us as representative of our people in the State Government to draw the attention of the authorities and the members of the public to the plight of the Edo people and by extension the Nigerian people.

Despite our best efforts to mitigate the suffering that Edo people and Nigerians have been plunged into by the APC Government through increase in minimum wage, free WiFi in different parts of the State, free transport scheme that have benefited over six million Edo residents since its launch in September 2023, food palliative to millions of Edo people, free registration for pensioners into the State’s health Insurance Scheme, among others, we want to restate that the people are still going through untold hardship and this is as a result of the gross mismanagement of the economy by the APC as a government at the centre in the last nine years.


It is on record how the haphazard withdrawal of subsidy by the APC Government on May 29, 2023 tossed the economy into chaos and pushed our people into the brink of starvation.

Also, it is well noted by Nigerians how the poorly thought-through policy to unify the exchange blew our currency out of the waters, making it almost worthless, negatively impacting inflation and the general economic landscape.

As if that is not enough, they have continuously stifled business growth in the country, increasing taxes and doubling the burdens on small businesses.

The nation is slowly descending back into terrorism with the rise of suicide bombing, among others.

On the back of these devastation that have been caused by the APC Government, the Party in Edo State seems to be surprising oblivious of this terrible situation. Just like the ostrich, they have buried their heads in the sand and have continued to gush out lies and propaganda hoping to hoodwink our people and dampen their desire to break free from the stranglehold by which the APC has shackled them for the past nine years.

It is such show of shame to see them sit before pressmen waving worthless pieces of papers as evidence for none existent fraud allegations against a State Government that has enthroned transparency and accountability in the cause of the administration of State’s resources.

As a party whose foundation was built on a web of lies and deceit, no gainsaying, the same way they manufactured this worthless paper is the same way they manufactured the court papers which they used in misinforming and misleading the Edo people on the candidacy of the PDP candidate; it is the same manner in which they manufactured the crisis with the palace, all in a desperate effort to hoodwink the people and reawaken their completely comatose party in Edo State.

The governorship election in Edo State is around the corner and just the way they fooled the entire nation into bondage, they are hoping to replicate the same in Edo State, parading a hardly literate candidate, who finds it difficult expressing himself in public fora and without the verve to share his vision for the people.

But you, our Edo people are wiser than that. We know who our friends are and who are oppressors are and cannot submit ourselves to them again to inflict the pains and sufferings of these last few years on our people the second time.

Our people are determined to break from this bondage come September 21, 2024 by sustaining the leadership of the PDP at the State level. They know that the PDP is the best choice for the continued progress and prosperity of the State and will not allow lies and propaganda by their oppressors to cloud their judgment and stop them from making informed decisions for a better future for themselves and their unborn children.

Come September 21, it is PDP or nothing and there is nothing the APC can do about it.

Chris Osa Nehikhare
HC Communication and Orientation

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