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Senator Shehu Buba Welcomes Ministry for Livestock Development, By Sanusi Muhammad

Senator Shehu Buba Umar

SENATE Committee Chairman for National Security and Intelligence, Sen. Shehu Buba Umar (Bauchi South), has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for creation a brand new ministry for livestock development as one of the measures that may resolve persistent cases of herders/farmers crisis in the country.

Speaking at the launching of his 2024 farming season free assorted fertilizers distribution programme in Bauchi, Sen. Buba said: “The bold step taken by Mr. President to create a new ministry for livestock development is long overdue. It is a ministry that will look in those problems bedeviling general livestock development in Nigeria without emphasis on any ethnic group but those directly involved in livestock development
“Past administrations ignored several calls and pleas to create such a ministry to address critical security issues until this time around that President Tinubu deems it necessary as part of the solution by creating the ministry to proffer solution to the lingering clashes between herders and farmers


“With the creation of the new ministry, the situation may improve depending on whose shoulders the responsibility of piloting the affairs of the ministry rests because it has been one of the solutions earlier proffered by several experts including pastoralists, farmers and civil society groups over the years

“Commenting on the distribution pattern of the donated 15 trucks of assorted fertilizers and over 10,000 cartons of agrochemicals, Sen. Shehu said: “already, there is an appointed distribution committee of selected members across the 20 local government areas of the state charged with the responsibility of distribution to reach every nook and corner of the state with special emphasis on rural poor farmers that may not be privileged to afford the exorbitant prices of the commodity in the markets
“It was the same committee that earlier distributed the 17 trailer loads of rice and other edibles I donated and I received very encouraging reports on the mode of distribution as those targeted for the palliative were neither shortchanged nor denied their share as allocated by the committee”.

On his programme of Access to Free Medical Attention for All, Sen. Buba opined that the programme has been a huge success as over 2,000 patients across the state and across party divided had received treatments through the programme in various health facilities within the state and outside including some stipends to sustain them after discharge, saying, “we have just started the programme and we intend to improve and continue although we are not wishing anyone to be sick to benefit but we are always on standby incase.
By the year 2025, we hope to achieve our goal by wiping out all known killer diseases such as malaria, dysentery, cholera and other airborne and water diseases within our communities for a healthy living.”
He appealed for continuous support and fervent prayers to leaders so as to be able to serve better and change the narrative for the good of all, adding that I have received several calls, letters, text messages and personal visits from concerned citizens requesting me to declare for 2027 gubernatorial contest.

“I have appointed a High-powered committee to look into that and advice accordingly. We are waiting for the report of the committee before we can act because we are neither desperate nor in a hurry to join the gubernatorial race. We know the political terrain of Bauchi State. We are mapping out our own strategies and reaching out to the people for their objective opinions and views. We may join the race depending on the outcome of my personal contact as the person involved and the report of the appointed committee”.

On his relationship with the PDP-led government in Bauchi State, Sen. Buba said: “I have no problem with the governor or anyone in the PDP or any of the parties. The governor is my elder brother from the same political bakery in 2007. We were in the same party before we parted ways. We maintain cordial relationship and respect despite our political difference. Why should we fight or wash our dirty linings in the market square? What for? I have no time to fight anyone for whichever reason. I have weighty challenges of addressing those problems bedeviling my people at hand than to waste my precious time on fighting anyone. After all, the world is a vanity”.

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