Senator Ekweremadu Case And Abba kyari/Hushpupi Matter, Hope Nigerians Have Now Learnt How The White People Can Frame You Up, Indict You Without Giving You Fair Hearing

ALSO Legitnews why Promoting this Falsehood from those that are desperate in Spoiling Kyari’s name and putting his name anywhere to attract traffic for their page.

The shame of a Hushcoppi bought by Hushpuppi, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

How is Abba kyari involved in Hushpupi’s crimes? Even when another member of Huspupi group Anifowoshe was Arrested recently whom Abba kyari doesn’t even know him from Adam, Some online medias were saying he is Abba kyari syndicate member, when the Americans themselves didn’t mention kyari but kept saying Ramon Abbas Hushpupi’s syndicate member. But Nigerians turn it to Abba kyari syndicate member when kyari have never participated in any of the Hushpupi’s crimes and has never received one kobo from Hushpupi.

Kyari met Hushpupi only once in Dubai around September 2019 some 9 months before hushpupi’s arrest and Since their first and last meeting they have not seen or talked for about 3 months until he called kyari around Jan 2020 about arresting somebody that he claims the person threatened his mother, After the arrest Kyari discovered they are into Internet scarm with the guy and they had problem, Kyari granted bail to the suspect After obtaining court order and investigating him for his Internet crimes he has confessed to.

Kyari never demanded, negotiated or received one kobo from hushpupi, he never new or participated in any of his crimes, The 8million naira the media celebrated was never received or meant for kyari but was sent to one usman by one Martins not hushpupi from Dubai, After their disagreements Martins met hushpupi to talk to kyari to help him recover his 8 million from usman, that was in May 2020 about 5 months after Vincent whom hushpupi complained about was arrested and released back in January 2020. You can see how the Martins case and hushpupi case are 5 months apart and are totally unrelated.

Martins in order to prove his case against usman sent his 8m Bank transaction slip with usman done 6 weeks earlier to kyari via hushpupi since Martins by then don’t have kyari’s number, that was why the 6 weeks old transaction slip dated 4/4/2020 was forwarded to kyari’s on 20/5/2020 from Martins to hushpupi then forwarded from hushpupi to kyari. The 8m belongs to Martins not hushpupi and Martins is not part of hushpupi fraud cases.

The person who collected 8 million from Martins one Usman spent the money within 1 week without kyari’s knowledge and without giving kyari one kobo, His Bank account statement and his written statement before the panels of investigation have exonerated kyari from this, Usman is alive and have testified before the police panel and police service panel on his dealings with Martins who is not hushpupi’s case mate. The FBI without hearing from kyari, Usman or hearing from the Nigeria police Concluded that maybe the 8m went to kyari because they saw from Hushpupi phone how Martins forwarded Evidence of his transaction with Usman he is complaining on, to hushpupi who forwarded to kyari whilst investigation on ground have proved usman received and spent the money from Martins without kyari’s knowledge and no fair hearings given to kyari by the FBI to hear his own side of the story before they made their conclusions just like what happened to Senator Ekweremadu who is suffering now because somebody he took to London lied that he is a minor of 15yrs and was brought for organ transplant while records in Nigeria shows the guy is over 21 and the white people didn’t border to check from the Senator or Nigerian Authorities before arresting Senator Ekeremadu and his wife in UK.

Hushpupi was introduced to kyari in Dubai September 2019 about 9 months before hushpupi’s was Arrested, It was one yomi who introduced him to kyari when hushpupi pleaded that yomi should introduce him to kyari since he heard kyari is in Dubai that time, Hushpupi has never given kyari one kobo ever and anybody that knows kyari will tell you kyari doesn’t demand for anything from anybody even if he is doing your case.

3 months later in January 2020 hushpupi called kyari to help him arrest a suspect in Nigeria that threatened his mother which kyari arrested and later realised its Internet fraud that went bad between them, Hushpupi begged kyari to charge the Suspect Vincent for armed robbery but kyari politely refused and hushpupi requested to reimburse the kyari’s team who made the arrest throughl their bank account the expenses for travelling several states to trace and arrest Vincent but upto today he has not sent one kobo to the team as he promised. It was kyari who even sponsored the team to trace the Suspect and arrest him after following him for 10days and kyari never demanded hushpupi to even reimburse him because kyari doesn’t demand anything from anybody from all the thousands of cases he has done for Nigerians.

Forget the different Falsehood write ups against kyari Sponsored by IPOB and many other criminal groups that he fought also some envious colleagues who are not happy with his exceptional rise, fame and acceptance across the country planned many bad things against him while he has never planned evil against anyone.

As can be seen in the recent NDLEA CASE where he was deliberately Set up by a senior Colleague he knows for many years whom he went to meet for an advice on how to reward the whistle blower on some suspects the Police IRT arrested with drugs in Enugu Airport after paying money and were cleared by NDLEA officers out of the Airport before police team arrested, What happened is that kyari was not aware of the arrest and recovery of the drugs by the police team since they don’t work under him for about 7 months but before they transfer the suspect and drugs to NDLEA the team called kyari to assist by talking to somebody he knows to reward the whistle blower and that Senior officer out of envy and wicketness isntead of directing the police in the Right direction, he misled them and set them up deliberately so as to make name in media and protect their NDLEA officers in Enugu who are making about 200m from each Ethiopian airline that lands in Enugu Airport as each Drug trafficker pays 10m to be cleared and about 20 comes from each Ethiopian airline plane as confessed by the Suspects arrested by the police and the whistle blower in Brazil.

Meet anybody that knows or have met kyari personally he will tell you how good, humble, helpful, hardworking, kind hearted, Honest, respectful, Keeping to his promises, loves and respect all his juniors and seniors in his work and all aspect of his life, loved by everyone he meets and all people around him because of how he treats everybody, he doesn’t extort or demand money from anybody and he does cases for everybody the rich and the poor and he is a brilliant, exceptional Officer, dogged fighter and gifted personality who succeed in almost all his operations. That is why he is today by far the most decorated officer in the History of Nigeria.

Hushpupi was not happy with kyari for not charging Vincent to court for Armed robbery as he demanded instead kyari investigated him for the fraud and granted him bail and he kept reporting monthly while waiting for the day hushpupi will come to Nigeria to face the fraud investigation but the Americans without hearing from kyari wrongly concluded that Vincent was arrested to help Hushpupi because hushpupi defrauded 300K out of the 1.1m he defraded a woman in Qatar during Vincent detention and investigation with Valid court order in Nigeria for 3 weeks, And kyari was not aware of and hushpupi have not told kyari he is already defrauding somebody and he wants to keep Vincent for that purpose, he presented a picture that he wants Vincent punished for betraying him and he wants him to be jailed for many years with Armed robbery changes which kyari refused, Its obvious also the hushpupi has been defrauding the Victim before and after Vincent was arrested because the bulk of the 1.1m that is about 800,000 dollers was defrauded when Vincent was not in custody. no negotiation in any form between kyari and hushpupi on what kyari will received and again kyari has never received one kobo from hushpupi’ or from any of hushpupi frauds and kyari have never participated in any of the hushpupi frauds, show evidence if there is any?

kyari arrested and investigated Vincent for fraud in January 2020 and he was on sting investigation and played along with hushpupi to lure him into Nigeria, As kyari has not done any of the things hushpupi wanted him to do with regards to beating of Vincent, Charging him to court for armed robbery etc etc but kyari kept playing along with him to lure him to Nigeria.

All investigations done have shown that kyari has never demanded or received one kobo from hushpupi ever and he has never participated in any of his fraud and has never gotten one kobo share from any of his frauds as all money issues celebrated by the media is fully explained above.

We the good Nigerians most always know that those who want Nigeria divided like Millions of IPOB members and Supporters will never like kyari. In fact he was declared Enemy number 1 of Biafra land after recording many successes and turned the war round when he was deployed to fight Seriously Armed Ipob/ESN terrorist fighters killing police and army personnel and burning police stations in the South East. This group are the major sponsors of fake fabricated news against kyari all over the main media and social media with different false or twisted stories everyday trying to paint him black. And Some good Nigerians may be convinced by them because of the volume of fake news they bring out and Social media attacks on people who try to say the truth about kyari because they know who really kyari is and what work he has done for his country continue getting massive social media attacks from these people since they are many on social media.

The Terrorist Bandits of the North Central and North West hate kyari so much that they made lots of attempts on his live in kaduna and along Abuja-Kaduna express way. He has arrested hundreds of Bandits and recovered hundreds of weapons from them and prosecuted them as can be seen in many pictures of their arrest in the main media and Social media.

The Boko Haram terrorist of the North East also hate him so much because of lots of successes he recorded against them like the Arrest of over 50 Suicide bomb cordinators in Borno state, Arrest of Boko haram chibok school girls kidnappers, Arrest Nya nya and Kuje Boko harambee bombers of 2015 and their commanders, Rescue of magazines garin Daura from terrorist kidnappers etc etc

Armed robbers, kidnappers, Murderers all across the country see him as their greatest threat, Evans, Vampire, Halti, Abubakar yellow and many groups and their kingpins have met their water loo through kyari, Many Family members of these criminals Gang members outside and some Lawyers of the Armed robbers and kidnappers are all against him and kept fighting him in the main media, Social media and everyday they can.