Senate Race: Ehia OLU AKHABUE’s Competitive Edge

ONE of the strongest institutions of democratic governance is the Legislature.The representativeness of the legislature is the engine that oils the wheel of democracy,
Against this backdrop, in our pursuit of those to be elected into the law making organ– especially at the national level,  we must ensure that they are men and women who are sufficiently endowed with the capacity to pass the rigorous character and integrity test.
As the race for the Senate continues to gather steam  in Edo Central, Esanland is faced once again, with the arduous challenge of making the right choice.
The formal declaration for the race on Saturday 26 March by Ehia Olu AKHABUE was refreshing. The event, which took place at his ancestral Unuwazi Uromi base, lighted up the spirit of men and women, who over the years have been victims of betrayed promises and squandered expectations.His message resonated far and wide even as his promise to make a difference through quality representation tore into the hearts of many. Here comes a fresh breath ; the beginning of a refreshingly different chapter of political representation.The right choice has come.
With decades of  untainted service in the private sector– in ICT consultancy to be specific and use of personal resources to drive philanthropy from which many have benefited, Olu AKHABUE is undoubtedly trusted to deliver on his four Cardinal programs.
The revitalization of Esan Water Project, Strengthening security architecture; rural urban Integration; Manpower development,  are the honest summary of Akhabue’s Social Pact with the people of Esanland who he seeks to represent at the Senate.
He seeks to bring to national attention, the problem of lack of social infrastructures in Esanland with a view to providing solutions through diligent lobbying and networking.
His acceptance of politics as instrument of service and depth of understanding of the concept of political representation as essentially pivotal to the consolidation of good governance, set him apart— giving him a competitive edge in the race.
In Ehia Olu AKHABUE, we behold the much expected Esan man who understands the
 problems of Esanland.
Here comes a man with a burning desire to commit himself to projects and Initiatives that would make Esanland investment friendly.
He has been consulting and feedback has been bountifuly revealing– that the desire for change for a new deal burns in the hearts of Esan people.
That Ehia Olu AKHABUE is an epitome and representation of the new deal is not in doubt– given his character content and the ideological thoughts that power his actions.
Unlike many others who see politics as a vehicle for self financial gratification, here comes a man with a passion for service delivery and warm hearted humanity .