See Shocking Revelations About APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu, By Aliyu Jalal

YOU said you’re supporting a certain presidential candidate because of his (exaggerated) so-called antecedents in Lagos state. In simple words, you’re supporting him because of what he did in Lagos as a governor.

Then you’re here with us, watching proofs after proofs that he’s no longer the same person who governed Lagos 15 years ago. You know that. You saw that. But you have the audacity to continue expressing support for him because you’ve the political right in a country whose future you justifiably disrespect.

You saw him telling us that people are “tweeting on WhatsApp” to establish the reality that he’s out of tune with the ongoings of today’s world.

You saw him telling a comparatively well-performing governor that he (the governor) has skills “in turning a rotten situation into a bad one” because it is “necessary at this critical time,” as enough evidence that he has lost the capacity for good judgement.

You saw him back in 2008, boastfully claiming that he’s richer than a whole Osun State in front of a monarch, sneering, “Kabiyesi I don’t want to say this in front of you but, Osun is not as rich as I am, that one would steal.” How and where did he gather the money to be richer than a whole state?

You saw him erroneously describing Dolapo Osinbajo, wife of vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, as the “wife of the president.”

You saw him advising the Federal Government to recruit “50 million youths” into the Nigerian Army (in a country of 200 million population) to address insecurity in the country – a statement that’s so mad his aides had to bury their faces in their palms while apologizing that he meant “50, 000 youths.”

You saw him, in an apparent mix-up of electricity and phone infrastructure, said “And yet we started disconnecting NIPP from our phone numbers…” while referring to NIN.

You saw the proofs that he forged some of his documents, lied about his work experience, and had even had a criminal case involving drugs abroad.

You, yourself, today, saw him yelling the name of his major opposition party (PDP) during his own presidential campaign that even the cheerleaders close to him had to put their hands in their mouths, while others turned away from the camera to manage the shocking shame.

But you continue supporting him. You want him to rule us.

It’s one thing to desist from ridiculing him for undergoing what might be a peculiar biological transition some of us may as well pass through, and it’s another to say, “Grandpa, go home and rest.”

You refused.

And you think you’re not disrespecting us.

Aliyu Jalal