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Rwanda Clarifies No Refund For Scrapped UK Migrant Deal

THE Rwandan government clarified on Tuesday that the controversial migrant deal with the UK does not include a provision for the return of funds, following the British government’s decision to terminate the scheme.

‘The agreement we signed did not stipulate that we should return the money. Let this be clear, paying back the money was never part of the agreement,’ said deputy government spokesperson Alain Mukuralinda on state television.


The agreement, initiated in June 2022, aimed to transfer at least 24,000 asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda. The UK had committed to paying Rwanda approximately $176 million for the initial transfers, with an additional payment of $15,100 for each extra person taken to Rwanda.

The scheme, introduced by the previous Conservative government, intended to deter illegal Channel crossings by relocating asylum seekers to Rwanda. However, it faced numerous legal challenges and criticism, ultimately leading to its cancellation by the new Labour government.

The UK allows asylum seekers to apply for protection, which enables them to remain in the country without facing deportation. The scrapped deal was part of Britain’s broader efforts to manage immigration levels and reduce the number of asylum seekers to below 100,000 annually. In 2022 alone, Britain recorded 606,000 net immigrations.

Rwanda’s firm stance on the financial aspects of the agreement highlights the complexities and challenges associated with international migration policies. While the deal has been scrapped, the issue of managing asylum seekers and immigration remains a critical topic for both the UK and Rwanda.

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