Russia Deployed Urban Fighter BMPT “Terminator” In Eastern Ukraine.

ACCORDING to US media reports, the Russian army is currently massing troops in the eastern Ukraine region, the scale is far greater than before, from the analysis of commercial satellite photos, the mechanized column of the Russian army is gathering close to the eastern Ukrainian region, and the entire Russian army’s convoy length has reached 8 kilometers, which is still one of several Russian troops, and the situation has become very unfavorable for Ukraine. And Russia also sent a terrifying street battle harvester, BMPT “Terminator” armored fighting vehicle to destroy Ukraine Tanks and IFV.
The concept of tank support vehicles appeared in the soviet union in the early 1980s, and the BMPT was designed to provide protection for tanks on the battlefield from potential enemy anti-tank weapons. And BMPT can effectively suppress the enemy’s manpower, BMPT is equipped with grenade launchers, autocannons and anti-tank missiles, BMPT can also effectively attack tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, bunkers, and other targets, and has a certain wading ability.
Recently many users on Twitter shared a photo of Terminator tank in the Bryansk region.