Revealed: How A Good APC Delegate Shared His “Delegate Loot In Edo State”

A week ago, Mr Mathew Akpe (not real name) from Ward 4 in a village close to the University campus in Esan West a delegate under APC took time to brief his constituency members on the outcome of his stewardship as a delegate and below is the summary of what he received from presidential aspirants and in Abuja before the primaries.

He emphasized that the money from the presidential aspirants were not bribes or inducement to vote for a particular aspirant but transport allowance to and from Esan West, hotel, security and feeding whenever they are called to Benin for meeting with the visiting dignitaries.

He also said he decided to do this openly because as a Deeper Life member he vowed to always be truthful at all times even to his personal material and physical disadvantage especially money wise.

Mr Akpe thanked his leaders for the confidence reposed in him to stand for his people during the primaries.

He said the following amount came to him throughout the period and he kept them in his account until the meeting date:

1. Man from Ekiti- N250,000

2. Man from Lagos – 250,000

3. Man from Rivers- 200,000

4. Man from Akwa Ibom- 200,000 in Abuja

5. Man from Imo- 100,000 in Abuja

6. Man from Ogun- 250,000

7. Transport allowance from APC (State) – 250,000.

8. In Abuja man from Ogun gave $5,000.00

9. In Abuja, man from Lagos gave -$10,000.00

10. Feeding money from Edo APC – 150,000.00

Total received by Mr Akpe = N11,250,000.00

He also disclosed that APC gave them accommodation in Abuja and gave them free bus to Eagle Square.

Now, Mr Akpe went further to share the money this way, after consulting with the leaders of his party and those that nominated him.

LGA leaders : N2m

Ward leaders : N3m

Youths : N1.5m

Women : N1.5m

Secretariat rent:N250,000

Physically challenged: N250,000

Repair of APC LGA bus – N300,000

Hospital bill for injured APC members- 200,000.

Himself- N2m

His aged mother : N250,000.00

Total :

Let us know how your delegates shared the money they made courtesy of your benevolence.

Are they as transparent as Mr Akpe of Esan West? Have your delegates ever called a meeting since the primaries or they think it is their soul right to be delegates?

Let us hear your views, because your views matter a lot in this debate.

Election is coming, are you going to be used and dumped again and then few people collect the largesse and install their relatives as beneficiaries of government appointments?

Let us shout out to Mr Akpe for his transparency. He is a good example of a party man. He deserves to be encouraged.

In other places such as Akoko Edo, Owan and Esan Central were fake delegates stood in for the original delegates that participated in the Congress, only N6m was declared and some few persons were selected to be credited with N20,000 and some hungry youths got as low as N2,500. Where is the balance N5,250,000?

Are we going to continue to be fools forever? Mr Akpe deserves to be commended for living above board.

Some persons within and outside of APC and PDP are calling for the break down of how other delegates who stood in for the party during the presidential primaries shared their loot for the sake of posterity.

Thank you

Edo Positive Movement