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“Re-Obaseki Revokes Right On Ize-Iyamu’s 18-hectare Farmland”*: The Evil Rantings Of Dan Ogbegie

By Andrew Adaze
The quoted caption was a news item of a story published in Vanguard newspaper of Sunday, July 25 2021 and authored by Alema Ozioruwa, a respected journalist and one of unimpeachable repute. My earlier short interview with Isaac Aimure of the Leadership Newspaper on the subject matter was referenced in the said Vanguard publication, albeit without credit to the original source.  That is not an issue for me.
My attention has been drawn to a rejoinder written by one Benin-based lawyer with the name Daniel Noah Ogbegie, who in a very pedestrian manner sought to malign my image with a cocktail of half-truths and evil concoctions. In a manner of speaking, the only Benin-based lawyer that l know bearing the name “Daniel Ogbegie” is  not a foe but a friend.  Ogbegie my learned friend happens to be a proud member of the Edo People’s Movement, a rogue group within the Edo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, a group that suffered serious defeat on September 19 last year. I understand Ogbegie’s grouse, which is not different from that of a typical slave, who daily lives to advance his master’s wish and fancies. Daniel Ogbegie a glorified domestic servant of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu never ceases to amaze anyone who reads his social media write-ups in defence of his pay-master. Here is a lawyer whose services were untimely disengaged by the management of Uhunmwode Local Government Council for dubious acts carrying the character of professional misconduct. Ogbegie was in the habit of hideously collecting financial inducements from the Council’s adversaries and in return frustrating the cases under his retainership with the council. Only a devil’s advocate of Ogbegie’s caliber will tow this treacherous path of professional infamy.
In the following lines, l will briefly identify and de-falsify the lies of mischief Ogbegie unleashed in his aforesaid rejoinder.
First, he said that it was a lie that *the Governor’s action in revoking the alleged “right of occupancy” over the 18 hectares of land at Amagba was in line with extant provisions of the Land Use Act*. According to Ogbegie, the land in question was *”legally acquired by Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu from members of the Amagba community over a decade ago during the Government of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.*” Nothing can be further from the truth. From available records the first transaction regarding the land in question was negotiated in the twilight of the regime of Lucky Igbinedion. Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as Secretary to the Edo State Government during Igbinedion’s second term in office approached the Amagba Community Development Association, (now defunct), under the leadership of one Mr. JB, saying that the Edo State Government wanted to site a campus of the Edo State College of Agriculture in Amagba and that a large expanse of land was required for that purpose. The Community in consideration of this *ex cathedra* pledge from Government gave a large expanse of land for that purpose. Unfortunately, nothing was done about the College of Agriculture Campus at Amagba until the tenure of that Government ended in 2007. After Adams Oshiomhole came into Government in 2008, several attempts were made by Pastor Ize-Iyamu to perfect his contrived ownership over the land allotted for the ill-fated College of Agriculture campus at Amagba. The idea of siting *I.O Farms Training lnstitute* on the Government acquired land came as an after-thought, particularly when it became impossible for Pastor Ize-Iyamu to acquire personal title to the land. I believe that when the matter gets to court as Ogbegie has threatened, the whole truth will reveal itself.
Second, Ogbegie tried effortlessly to run down my personality, under the guise of reviewing the already completed screening exercise for would-be appointees of the Obaseki-led PDP Government of Edo State. What Ogbegie did not dispute is my loyalty, competence and eligibility to be so appointed by the Governor. My simple response to Ogbegie’s envious and very loud musings is that in every political contest the medals at the stands of the post-victory hall of fame are not reserved for losers but winners, only.
Lastly, l wish to state that contrary to the false assertions of Ogbegie and his ilk of hungry palace jesters within the EPM fold, due process was followed in the revocation notices that have been so far issued to Pastor Ize-Iyamu. In *ldundu v. Okumagba* the Nigerian Supreme, decades ago, settled the issue of proof of title to land. As Ogbegie is desperately hustling to be part of Pastor lze-Iyamu’s legal team, my advise for him and others in his league of ambulance chasers is that they should all save their energies for the court room and not the social media.
Andrew Adaze, EMWANTA, Esq., JP

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