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RE: Gullibility As A Hobby: The PDP Misinterpretation Of The Oba Of Benin’s Clarification

By George Idehen.

My brother, it is you who is misrepresenting facts here and trying desperately to twist the narrative.
In the video, Omo n’Oba was very emphatic, without any shade of ambiguity, in his clarification of “our son and my son”. This distinction should not be lost in any narrative.

It was Barr. Akpata that did not apply the right diction in introducing himself. I don’t blame him, it was either he did not recognise the need and application of the right diction in that circumstance or was being clever by half.


Cutting him further slacks, he perhaps forgot that the Oba of Benin, other than being father of all Edo people is also a biological father.
When you stand before him to address him as daddy instead of father he had to make clarification.
Without this clarification the Oba would have aided and abetted a misconception/misrepresentation of facts.

On being clever by half, Barr. Akpata was attempting to drag the Oba into the political arena as a scion and representative of Omo n’Oba/palace.

That video could have been buried in the archives of the palace but the Oba chose the part of honour and send a clear message to all that wants to be deceptive with his name…..

The Oba, for the purpose of further clarification of his claim, sent a Palace Chief to Barr. Akpata to avail him the opportunity to further elucidate on his sonship, which he could not provide.
Edo people knows the importance of such antics in an election.

Perhaps Barr. Olumide Akpata should have sort a private adoption by the Oba to confer sonship on him instead of this shameful attempt to hoodwink the palace and Edo people. Consequently, embarrassing his August guest, HE Peter Obi in the presence of the Oba of Benin.
The palace should be left out of political manoeuvring either by design or default.

Ogbebor Uyi.

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