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RE: A Call For The Resignation Of The SSG To Edo State Government

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THIS rejoinder is to shed light on the issues raised by Osigwe Omo Ikirodah Director, New Media of the APC campaign council.

The New Media in the present political dispensation:
Its role/job description/functions?
The above question stands out in the mind of all to ask, in regards to Edo State gubernatorial elections, as a means and the manner it is used in reaching out to the electorate.


The description/functions presupposes inclusion of promoting and presenting the candidate(s) and the Party in good light to the public.
In actualising these, the office requires a lot of materials for onward dissemination/public enlightenment.

In light of the above, the office shouldn’t be lacking necessary materials and personnel to give effect to these purposes.
Where it is found to be short in supply or without these important necessities to actualise or function it should, as matter of urgency stop forthwith, reevaluate itself and present a campaign solution that could appeal to the public.
While in the process of its inhouse cleaning, it should please hold its peace and disengage from campaign of calumny.

The New Media of the All Progressive Congress, APC, as a face and image maker of the party in Edo state, is seriously falling short of its expected functions and delivery. Its continuous and incessantly irritating dabble into issues that lacks any meaningful impact nor promotes their candidate/party further exposes their lack of understanding of the issues at hand, its enormity and required seriousness applicable thereof.

The APC’s new media’s call for the resignation of Secretary to State Government, SSG, ultra vires its job description and purview.
What’s the constitutional role of the Secretary to State Government, SSG, in the governance of a State; and at who’s behest does the office function? Would the answer to the above validate or give justification to the call for the resignation of the Secretary to the state government or render it a nullity?

Would it also entail its call/demand on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to bar the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and her candidates from Edo State 2024 gubernatorial elections a nullity?

The office/assignment of new media demands decorum, prudent, sweet and savory choice of words, the right attitude and rapproach of a good salesman. And, shouldn’t be bereft of ideas, creativity and wisdom to put the office in good standing and its candidate attractive to the electorate.

The APC’s campaign structure should as of fact and urgency reappraise its strategy, creativity, strength, personnel and materials.
It now bears the odium of its campaign, filled with calumny, vilification and self glorification; campaign that is non issue based and devoid of an iota of substance at the least.

Ogbebor Uyi.
Writes from Abuja.

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