Prince Ibrahim Lawal Reacts Over The Public Address Of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo To Kings In Oyo State

THE Isheri Olofin Kingdom crown Prince in Lagos has frowned at the former President over his approach to royalties in Oyo State during his address to the people of the State in honor to the invite by Governor.

Prince Ibrahim Olasunkanmi Lawal while speaking with the media on Monday in his residence in Isheri Olofin Kingdom of Lagos State reacted that “royal fathers despite their loyalties to the political classes should not be taken for granted or abused.

Former President Olusegun is a well respected elder statemen in the country and abroad and should not be found wanting of denigrating of royal fathers who are the custodian of our sociocultural values which the former President should not be left out as a Yoruba leader.”

We should not devalue our traditional institutions, what if a non Yoruba person does such to our Kings. How will we feel? It will have been another thing entirely.

The Isheri Olofin Kingdom Crown Prince further said that “Obasanjo could have merely advice the royal fathers with honors they deserve instead of angrily addressing them as an elderly man. An act like that is not encouraging before the eyes of the younger generations.

Political leaders, no matter the rank will leave the offices at designated constitutional time unlike the Kings that are on their thrones till death calls to their ancestors. It is however important for us all to continuously give the honors we give to royal fathers when in search of power, till the end of power and beyond.”

Unarguably the traditional institutions has been in existence before the stability of democratic political institution in the country. So, it should maintain it re-served and deserved respect.

All political class should not only be a respecter of our traditional institutions but also be a custodian of our collective sociocultural values.