Power Hungry Oshiomhole Breaks Record! Seeks APC Presidential, Senate Tickets

THE twist of a 2005 ‘Hide and Seek’ American horror film is about to play out in Nigeria and in particular, Edo North Constituency, with Mr. Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole as the main actor.

Oshiomhole is an ex-governor and sacked National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Robert De Niro starred as psychologist Dr. David Callaway and Dakota Fanning as his daughter (Emily). The movie had unending twist throughout, before the shocking revelation of ‘Charlie’s’ real identity.

The Robert De Niro’s plot climaxed when the duo moved to a new house in upstate New York, following the apparent suicide of Alison (Amy Irving), David’s wife and Emily’s mother.

Once David and Emily got to their new home, Emily developed an imaginary friend, who she named Charlie. The ‘friendship’ started to worry David when strange things began to happen around the house and Emily kept blaming them on Charlie.

First their cat was found dead in the bathroom, a new friend from the neighborhood fell out of a window to her death while visiting the Callaways and Charlie is blamed.

Eventually, David had a realization that he had dissociative identity disorder which was characterised by the presence of two or more distinct personality states.

David soon understood that he had ‘become’ Charlie as a way to commit horrible acts that he didn’t think he was capable of, including killing his wife – Elizabeth, the family cat, and eventually the town sheriff. It turns out that Emily knew about David’s disorder the entire time, but didn’t say anything, out of fear.

In one of the ending scenes, Emily is happily living, but she gets out of bed and plays hide-and-seek as she used to do with ‘Charlie’ with her own shadow.

Oshiomhole’s present political twisting has every interplay of plots reminiscent of his usual hide-and-seek political impairment.

Oshiomhole has decided to launch-out from political obscurity to seek the All Progressives Congress tickets for two offices; presidency and senate, at the same time.

Since the news of his official declaration for the presidential ticket, today April 29, 2022 was made known, via an open invitation to Cyprian Ekwensi Centre for Arts and Culture in Abuja, his handlers have put different reasons forward to explain the sudden twist from pursuing senate ticket to presidency.

A section opined that Oshiomhole has been hired by Bola Ahmed Tinubu to play the spoiler role in the camp of Rotimi Amaechi, while another explained that Oshiomhole was prevailed on by the Otaru of Auchi to step down for Senator Francis Asekhame Alimikhena who is running for 3rd term.

Midwest Herald investigation, however revealed that none of these reasons are in the ex-governor’s bag of tricks.

At the centre of his plot, is a revenge mission to repay Rotimi Amaechi who Oshiomhole’s handlers accused of ambushing their principal at Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium, in Port Harcourt, River State, when the latter declared his presidential ambition.

According to their story, Oshiomhole had accepted to honour Amaechi’s invitation believing it was a ‘thanksgiving service’ as it was stated on the invitation card, but Amaechi “mischievously turned it to a declaration rally.” Oshiomhole’s close aide and former Commissioner confided in Midwest Herald. Oshiomhole’s presence at the event and his statement has created a gulf between him and Tinubu’s camp, who has remained his benefactor.

The source further told Midwest Herald that, Oshiomhole has also decided to spread his risk, while being tactical about his aspirations.

In his assumption, Rotimi Amaechi may be disqualified by his refusal to resign from his office as the minister of transportation. Amaechi disqualification will pave way for his emergence, if the APC ticket is subsequently zoned to the South-South.

The biggest revelation from Oshiomhole’s saga is the hidden fact that he is still clandestinely pursuing his Edo North Senatorial ticket, because, he is not convinced about his presidential ambition, save to demonstrate his loyalty to Tinubu and deceive his Edo North people.

Oshiomhole’s declaration for the senatorial race at his 70th birthday get together irked several of his suporters, who have openly challenged him in the public space.

For instance, two of his former commissioners, Lucky James and Mrs Inumidun Idehen who were hitherto his foot soldiers have abandoned him for the incumbent senator.

The two former commissioners had also issued a joint statement, denouncing Oshiomhole’s ambition.

In the statement, they submitted that the re-election of Alimikhena, instead of replacing him with Oshiohole would guarantee a bigger deal for the senatorial district.

It quoted Idehen as saying: “at my age and with my pedigree, I cannot deceive my own people. I owe it a duty to lead rightly and Alimikhena is the right person for 2023 Senate.’’

She urged the people to do the right thing by nominating and supporting Alimikhena for another term of office, against his ex-boss.

Also, a leader of the APC in Akoko-Edo, Mr Ayo Olowojoba, said support for Oshiomhole would drag the senatorial district backward.

“We cannot be dragging Afemai backward by allowing a new person to go to the senate. We will deliver Alimikhena with our unity, especially the Owan and Akoko-Edos,’’ he said.

In the final analysis, Oshiomhole’s antagonist are unaware of his latest hide and seek moves and their celebration of successfully ousting him from the race for senatorial ticket, maybe short-lived.