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Police Officer Shoots Magistrate In Nairobi Court, Killed In Shootout

A DRAMATIC and tragic event unfolded at the Makadara Law Courts in Nairobi on Thursday when a police officer shot and injured Magistrate Monica Kivuti after she denied a bond request for his wife. The officer was subsequently killed in a shootout with other officers, according to the judiciary.

Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Winfridah Mokaya, provided details in a statement: ‘Immediately after this decision was pronounced, a person shot at the magistrate. Police officers at the scene responded and neutralised the shooter.’


Magistrate Kivuti, along with three other officers who were injured during the ensuing shootout, are currently being treated and are in stable condition, as confirmed by Chief Justice Martha Koome. ‘It is clear that the intention of the perpetrator was to kill the magistrate,’ Koome stated, emphasising the need to reinforce security at all courts across the country.

The incident was sparked by the denial of bail for the police officer’s wife, who had pleaded guilty to obtaining KSh2.9 million ($22,700) by false pretences, according to a police report seen by Reuters.

‘He entered inside the court through the magistrate’s door and fired shots towards the magistrate, injuring her on the chest and left hip,’ the police report detailed. ‘He was fatally shot by a fellow officer who was in the court.’

This event highlights the urgent need for enhanced security measures within judicial institutions to ensure the safety of judicial officers and the integrity of legal proceedings.

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