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Poland, Ukraine Sign Security Accord Ahead Of NATO Summit

Polish PM Donald Tusk pledges unity, end to border blockade during Kyiv  visit
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk signed a bilateral security agreement in Warsaw on Monday, a day before the start of a NATO summit in Washington.
“Those who defend Ukraine today are also defending themselves,” said Tusk.
Zelensky called the agreement “ambitious.”
“It is capable of protecting the lives of our people and resisting Russian evil,” said Zelensky.
The treaty provides for the development of a plan by which “Russian missiles and drones fired in the direction of Poland could be shot down in Ukrainian airspace.”
Zelensky arrived in Poland as his nation was battered by waves of powerful Russian missile attacks, with at least 26 people killed and a large children’s hospital hit in Kiev.
“There are no words, no documents, no political statements that will suffice to condemn the aggressor,” said Tusk.
Poland is one of the most committed political and military supporters of Ukraine as Kiev seeks to fend off the full-scale invasion, now in its third year.
Poland is also an important hub for Western military aid to Kiev.
It has taken in almost one million Ukrainian refugees fleeing violence in their country.
Ukraine has already made security agreements with the EU and 19 individual states, including the U.S., Japan and Germany, to formalise the military and civilian support that has been provided already.
Zelensky was due to meet his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in the early afternoon.

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