Philip Obaseki: Bye Bye Esan Agenda

Philip Obaseki: Bye Bye Esan Agenda

ANYBODY who knows very Philip Suaibu and Godwin Obaseki will know that they are naturally not very good persons at all. How I wish the Edo State citizens where not sold to the negative propaganda they sold concerning APC members asking them to share the Edo State money, these two guys would have been in retirement today. They tricked the people and PDP took them just to slight Oshiomole, today, while they are putting people in our eyes, the EPM are having the last laugh…

As a concerned Esan man, I could remember that the Esan Agenda was part of the plans why Edo Central gave all their 5 local government to Obaseki with the hope that when he is done, it will be the turn of Esan. However, with Philip trying to become a joint Godfather with Obaseki and running for the gubernatorial election come 2024, the Esan Agenda is kissing the dust, sadly.

Our party is a party that respect zoning for equity and justice. PDP has rightly said it is the turn of the Esan people to produce the next governor but these desperate entrants don’t think so. Philip is running so he will do everything humanly possible to make sure the Esan Agenda concept is dead, and the governor is aiding him.

Philip Suaibu did not win his LGA nor his ward but want to become the governor of the state. He is not PDP, he said it openly in a meeting recently. The plan is simple; hijack the PDP party structure in the name of harmonization, use it to win the 2024 election and then return to APC. It’s easy to negotiate and come to some settlement with Oshiomole and APC.

I call on our Esan leaders; Bar. Ken Imansuangbon, Mike Onolememen, Senator Clifford Ordia, Serguis Ogun, Dr. Tony Azeigbemi, Tony Anenih jnr…to come to the rescue. Philip is not bigger than you all. This is not the time to be silent, this is not the time to be politically correct, this is the time to resist these two of the three Eggheads that wish to destroy what will come to us. We must fight for it, it won’t be given to us.

Ighadolo Isimenmen Wrote from Ekpoma.
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