Peter Obi’s Birthday Tribute To P-square

COMMENDING Nigerian musicians Paul and Peter Okoye on their birthday, Peter Obi, the former Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, highlighted their impactful contributions within Nigeria and beyond through their music.

In a post on his official X handle, the former Anambra Governor lauded the singers for their efforts in advocating for a better Nigeria during the general elections in February and March, joining forces with other Nigerian youths.

He conveyed his message saying, “My Dear @rudeboypsquare and @PeterPsquare of the Psquare Fame, I join millions of your fans in Nigeria and globally to rejoice with you as you celebrate your birthday today. You have, for all these years, continued to showcase your talents to entertain, educate, and impact our nation and beyond through your music. You have sincerely joined your voices to that of millions of other Nigerian youths, in demand for better governance and a more productive nation”.

It’s worth noting that Peter and his brother, Paul, were fervent supporters of Peter Obi and the Labour Party during the presidential election.