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PDP Crisis: Obaseki’s Manic Diatribe Against Orbih

By Joseph Edionwele
“I heard that Chief Dan Orbih went around saying there is no Harmonization in PDP. This is really irresponsible to say and an insult to members of the Party, as the Party has truly harmonized in the state.”  Obaseki
Of course nothing can be more maniacal, irresponsible, petty…than this statement openly credited to the bipolar disordered governor who seems to be battling manic depression manifesting in his constant sadistic narcissist hysteria of being the ‘leader of the Party’ that he cannot point to in the constitution of the great Party. No doubt, Obaseki is delusional who is caught in his own mantrap that is occasioned by his obsession with power.
The confabulation about being a the leader of PDP in Edo State is the condescending attitude of Obaseki since he won the gubernatorial election in 2020. Do leopards talk so much about the spots on their bodies to show the world that they are not goats but wild cats? Or do black men confess all to those they assemble to listen, as Obaseki does often, their negritudes? What exactly is Obaseki’s unsuccessful attempt to condition his mind to leadership of PDP in Edo State when everyone knows he does not command any level of majority of followership in the Party?
How many times have we heard Wike, Ortom, Tambuwal, Diri or Makinde shout about “I am the leader, if you are not ready to accept my leadership, you leave the party.?” Meanwhile these governors control 100% of their excos in their respective states. The issue of ever drumming your leadership shouldn’t  be a matter under contention if he really is the leader.  People ordinarily see them as leaders without any form of coercion or confronOrton, with those who truly lead.
The consequences of Obaseki’s recent attack against Chief Dan Orbih, the undisputable majority leader of PDP in Edo State, is absolutely a sign something is wrong with the governor, and all well-meaning Party faithfuls must rise to condemn the governor who is showing early signs of pathological sufferings. In all his attacks against the South South PDP Chairman, not ones has Chief, who was his campaign director, responded hurriedly, which would have meant the respected leader would be stooping too low. If Chief Dan Orbih’s crime is that he has called for equal share of appointments in Obaseki’s government between the old and new PDP members, if Chief Dan Orbih’s crime is that he has acted on behalf of the party that the constitution should be respected, so be it!
Chief Dan Orbih won’t respond to the irresponsible open diatribe of Obaseki; he is a respected party chieftain and merited Chief in several kingdoms, including mine, Uromi, where he is the Esama. Chief Dan Orbih’s calm disposition annoys Obaseki to no small measure. He fights with his own shadow while Chief Dan Orbih leads the party members in the state armed with goodwill and the constitution of the party.
Obaseki’s proposed harmonization is illegal, no amount of his anarchic conducts and public display of lack of shame will change it. If he likes, he should talk more with foaming mouth and feats of epilepsy, harmonization and his attempt to rewrite the PDP constitution where he wish to smuggle “Obaseki as PDP Leader” into it won’t work. His siege mentality is a matter of his own inferiority complex and insecurity, it’s not the fault of Chief DanOrbih

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