One Of The Kaduna-Abuja Train Victim: Mariama Abubakar Bobbo Reveals Experience

ONE of the Kaduna-Abuja train victim: Mariama Abubakar Bobbo wrote.

It was and still is a norm to always mention at least 10things to be grateful for every morning and evening.

Before I only used to be grateful without really knowing how it felt to be in such situations then Allah subhannahu wa ta’ala showed me first hand.

If you and I ever spoke about gratitude list you must have heard me say, those little things we forget to be grateful for are really actually very important.

1. Thank you God for life (most of us do this), God showed me death first hand. The gun shots still resonate in my ears. The passenger behind me on the train was shot dead. So Ya Rahman, thank you for saving me that day. Thank you for steadying the train that day and not letting it derail. Many where injured, my family and I were ok alhamdulillah

2. I thank God for sound health/restoring our health once we got sick. Then I saw what is was to be sick and helpless cos there was no medication or it was inadequate or no way to be properly diagnosed. Am thankful Ya Moeez for restoring our health and our lives/freedom

3. Thank you Ya Allah for a roof over our heads. Allah showed me how it feels to be out in the open under the sun, rain and in the cold. With every type of creature He created to content with. He protected us all: No single bite except 1 bee sting was recorded. Minus mosquitoes and little flees though😁. Alhamdulillah

4. Thank you Ya Raheem for providing us with good food to eat. We had food but it was not just good/balanced at all. Alhamdulillah that’s over now.

5. Thank you Ya Razaq for providing us with clean water to drink. He showed me what it is to contend with water from a poodle that animals drink from, you can visibly see small moving creatures inside😅.

6. Ya Allah thank you for providing us with blankets and warm clothing. Ya Hameed showed me what it was to be in the rain and cold. Alhamdulillah

7. Ya Allah thank you for providing us with beds/mattresses to lay on. And He showed me how it feels to actually lie on the bare ground. Sometimes cold and wet. Alhamdulillah it’s over now, Ya Mujib responded to our plea for mercy and release.

8. Ya Rahman thank you for cover from being directly under the hot sun. And He showed me what it feels like to be hit by the sun. There was a time we had to walk barefooted on a very hot ground. And evident is the charing of our faces as the sun rises and sets on us. Ya Allah protect us from the burning hell fire.

9. Ya Allah gave us sustenance to be able to pay for light/power. There were times we had to walk in stalk darkness. Ya Afuwun forgive us and protect us from the dark grave and punishment of the grave. Ya Allah illuminate the graves of our loved ones that have gone before us.

10. Ya Salaam thank you for a peaceful life. He gave us peace and patience and courage to bear with the situation, for it was really a scary and terrible situation for any human. Thank you Ya Sabur, by your grace we have passed the test.

When we were overtaken by worry and anxiety, I always consoled myself with the conviction that our Rabb is testing our trust and patience in Him so we should ask Him for Salama (peace) in our hearts and that of our loved ones worried sick about us and for Patience while we await His appointed time to be released.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.
He heard all your prayers and ours too for He is All hearing and All knowing.

Indeed, it was a test and as true believers we have to accept it as part of our life story!

You cannot cheat destiny!

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