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Obedient In Edo State Calls For Support For PDP’s Asue Ighodalo

In a rallying call to Edolites, a prominent figure in the Obedient movement has urged the people to support the PDP’s candidate, Asue Ighodalo, in the upcoming 2024 Edo gubernatorial election.

The individual, identified as Jombo Godwin, the leader of the “BEST EDO 2024 PROJECT,” emphasized the importance of prioritizing the principles of equity, fairness, inclusivity, and meritocracy in the election, even while acknowledging the leadership and influence of Peter Obi.


“Peter Obi is our leader and father, but the Edo election is a test of our commitment to the principles of equity, fairness, inclusivity, and meritocracy. We must support the candidate who embodies these values, not just as a loyalty to our leader, but as a prerequisite to winning the Edo 2024 poll. Let us put the interest of Edo State and its people first, and may the most qualified and deserving candidate emerge victorious,” Godwin stated during a live event in Benin City.

The Obedient movement, which has been a driving force in the nationwide support for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has now shifted its focus to the Edo gubernatorial election. Godwin’s call for support for the PDP’s Asue Ighodalo suggests a strategic move to align the Obedient movement’s principles with the candidate they believe best represents the interests of Edo State and its people.

“Obedient, let’s support Asue Ighodalo,” Godwin concluded, emphasizing the need for Edolites to rally behind a candidate who has been “tested positive in character and leadership.”

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