Obaseki, Group Of Local Election Riggers Spat Over Price As EDSIEC Relocates To SSG’s Office

ALL is not well at Osadebe Avenue, Edo State Government seat of power where those Governor Godwin Obaseki engaged to Thumb print the balance ballot papers to complete the shortfalls from of the manipulation August 31, 2023 local government areas election are revolting against testifying in court.

Sources told Trojan News Media Correspondent that the initial agreement with Governor Obaseki was that the Governor will pay 18 coordinators from the 18 local government areas the sum of Three Million Naira (N3,000,000) only.

On this, they said the Governor has reneged as usual on the agreement, insisting that he can only pay Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) only to each of the coordinators per the 18 local government areas.

“See my hands full of inks as a result of tomb printing of ballot papers for days now in the office of Secretary to Edo State Government to complete the shortfalls from August 31 conducted Location Government election, which was rigged and announced in favour of PDP across the state.

“We’re continuing with the exercise of tombprint of more ballots papers on Saturday and Sunday but I wouldn’t be available until the Governor paid the amount initially agreed upon.

Sources revealed that Governor Obaseki went into panic mode the moment opposition went to court to reclaim their mandates, stating that the figures reeled out by the Edo State Independence Electoral Commission were not the same with the numbers of voters at the polling units since opposition political parties have subpoenaed EDSIEC to present election materials for verifications.

“Are you aware that where I officiated in Ovia South East with a voting population of 35,000 voters on the average, we only had one thousand ballot papers and the story was the same across the 18 local government areas because the Governor knows that he can’t win genuine election in the state.

“We are telling Obaseki that we will not go court to testify in favour of his PDP Chairmen and Counsellors who were rigged into the local councils if he refused to pay us the actual amount of money initially agreed upon”, the sources said.