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NNPCL Destroys 165 illegal Oil Refineries In Niger Delta

THE Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ltd (NNPCL) announced on Thursday that it had destroyed 165 facilities illegally refining stolen crude oil in the past week. This significant operation was part of a broader effort to combat oil theft and vandalism in the Niger Delta region.

Mele Kyari, NNPCL’s Group Chief Executive Officer, reported that approximately 400 incidents of oil theft and vandalism were recorded by both government and private security agencies last week. Kyari emphasised that NNPCL’s collaboration with the Nigerian military was crucial in these operations.


The joint efforts resulted in the destruction of 165 illegal oil refineries and the elimination of 39 unauthorised pipeline connections. This crackdown is part of an ongoing strategy to address the rampant oil theft that has severely impacted Nigeria’s economy.

Previously, Nigerian Senator Ned Nwoko highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating that the country lost over $3bn last year due to escalating oil theft and pipeline attacks.

Nigeria’s proven oil reserves are estimated at approximately 37 billion barrels, representing 3.1 percent of the world’s reserves. The country ranks among the top 15 in crude oil production, holds the 10th largest oil reserves, and is the sixth largest oil exporter globally.

The Niger Delta region, rich in oil fields, has long been plagued by armed groups that frequently sabotage infrastructure, leading to conflicts and incidents of kidnapping. The recent operations by NNPCL and the military aim to curb these illegal activities and restore stability to the region.

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