Nigerians Celebrate Peter Obi’s Birthday, Affirms The Maxim That The People Are The Structure (Photos)

WITH what happened yesterday, we can confidently say that Peter Obi’s movement is the most powerful movement in the country. The love is real, the street credibility is certain, and Peter Obi is indeed a sensation that has hit Nigerians at the right time. How much can a leader be celebrated when Nigerians from across the nooks and crannies made concerted efforts to celebrate the birthday of Peter Obi who turned 61 years yesterday.
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The storyline was the same from Enugu to Edo State, Benue to Taraba, and Cross Rivers to Lagos: Peter Obi was shown street love.
People went on a road walk, some donated food and household goods to be distributed to the needy, and others went out for a lovely treat in honor of the LP presidential flagbearer.

Check out the video below of Sokoto Okada riders who took to the streets to show their love for Peter Obi and Datti Ahmed. According to them, this is a way to show off their organizational structure for the LP. Yesterday’s situation was a completely different ball game. People showed organic love for Peter Obi.

In Benue State volunteers made contributions individually to celebrate the birthday of Peter Obi at the IDP camp in North Central. The one done at Ogoja was something else entirely, it was a rally in solidarity with Peter Obi. Edo nko, dem say Edo and Delta no dey ever carry last their turn out for Obi was super awesome.

Then, if you look closely at the photos attached, you will notice a lovely Photo Shoot done with Peter Obi’s Name inscribed on T-shirts worn by lovely and beautiful youths to celebrate Peter Obi, awww isn’t that lovely?

With what we saw yesterday, it’s clear that no Nigerian has ever been celebrated in such a sweet way across the country. The affection was simply overwhelming. Are you aware that Peter Obi fans held a seminar in Kaduna yesterday?

When it comes to high-profile Nigerians celebrating their birthdays, we usually see newspaper advertorials dominated by the elites congratulating their friend who also happens to be among the elites.
However, on Peter Obi’s birthday, the people took it upon themselves to celebrate a leader who represents hope for the dying Nigerians.

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