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“Nigerian Presidency Is Shameless, Insincere And Wicked”, By Williams Adesoji

A renowned Nigerian social critic, human rights and pro-democracy activist, Comrade Igbotako Nowinta, has described Nigerian government under President Bola Tinubu as “shameless, insincere and wicked”, in his reaction to the statement credited to Nigerian presidency concerning a recent report by the New York Times about excruciating suffering in Nigeria.

Comrade Nowinta, an international conflict resolution expert, who doubles as the Executive Director, Nigeria Good Governance Research Centre, made this view via a press release titled: “We Are On The Same Page With The New York Times On The Current Hardship In Nigeria”, which he gave to journalists in Abuja on June 17th, 2024.

The New York Times carried a report, which was dated June 11th 2024, and titled “Nigeria Confronts Its Worst Economic Crisis In A Generation” where it summarized that :”People in Africa’s most populous nation are suffering as the price of food and medicine has skyrocketed out of reach for many”.


But, the Presidency in its reaction faulted the report of the New York Times blaming the “dead economy” for the hardship. According to presidential spokesman, Bayo Onanuga :”“The exchange rate is now below N1,500 to the dollar, and there are prospects that the naira could regain its muscle and appreciate to between N1,000 and N1,200 before the end of the year.

Here is the details of the press release by Comrade Igbotako Nowinta:

“The New York Times has only reported the stark fact of the matter: worsening economic crisis in Nigeria where majority of the people are going through hell daily to keep body and soul together. What led to the current suffocating spiralling inflation in Nigeria?”

“Who created the ‘dead economy’ in Nigeria?Is it not the Presidency under Bola Tinubu that recklessly announced the suspension of the oil subsidy regime on May 29th, 2023, without settling down to the practical day to day administration of governance, a singular devastating action that has systematically tore the economic reality in Nigeria into shreds?”

“Nigerian masses are now in the deep well of unprecedented poverty; they have become vulnerable and hopeless by a mindless action of President Bola Tinubu. Our country has become fertile ground for endangered species; the people have fallen miserably into catastrophic social- economic tunnels which have exposed their lives to the vehicles of starvation, impoverishment and ill health; they are being transported to the crest of physical exhaustion.”

“Really we are on the same page with the New York Times on the current hardship in Nigeria, instead of the Nigerian Presidency to immediately swing into action to alleviate the current hardship, by coming out with emergency measures to curtail the unbearable callousness we face, it is engaging in blame gaming and finger – pointing, a sad development that that has exposed this Presidency as shameless, insincere and wicked.”

“What do responsible, respectable and responsive governments do in other climes? They respond proactively to the needs and plight of the people! But, here what we see is a government that prefers to spend $13.9 million (dollars) on a mansion meant to house the vice – president of Nigeria; we see merchants of loot; we see rulers who live in abundance and splendor, while those who voted them into office are left to rot in penury. What of Nigerian workers begging for living wages?

“The vicious incompetence of this government is unimaginable; even the kleptomania government of ex – president Muhammadu Buhari appears a child’s play, considering this present regime that has brought unexpected pattern of societal dislocation to Nigerian people”

“All we are saying is that, this presidency should climb down from the policies of lies, retrogression, half truths and deceits, and face the business of governance squarely”

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