Nigeria Government Lied About The Increment Of Rhe Nigeria Police Salary

IT has been observed with utmost disappoint and dissatisfaction how the Federal Republic of Nigeria Government and the minister for police affairs lied to the general public about the increment of the Nigeria police salary.
It has been discussed occasionally that the increment will be done since the incident of End-Sars protest that leads to the lose of many life of the men of the force.
Moreso it has been observed by the men of the Force that there’s nothing the government will do for the Nigeria police, main while they have already announced that they’ve increased their salary which is not true, the information gathered that nothing like salary increment without passing a bill and hearing to National Assembly while the Nigeria police personnel were the one securing almost every political personality in the nation,and the men of the Force were treated like a slave.
No good Salary, the welfarism is bad, and the gratitude after retirement is poor.