My Honest Confessions About DCP Abba Kyari, By Ahmed Lawan Dalorama

FOR the first time I’ve decided to Say something regarding one of our very own DCP Abba Kyari which I still stand with him as a super cop and Hero of this nation.

Abba Kyari: We''ve been vindicated - Southeast youths on arrest of 'Super  Cop' - Daily Post Nigeria

I’ve met DCP Abba Kyari on several occasions but there was this one time last year March 2021, I was oppressed by lawless Criminals and I decided to report the matter to the police station.

The response and outcome from the police station I went to was very discouraging then I decided to take the matters to DCP Abba Kyari in his IRT office in Abuja.

Though I made a call to one of his siblings who happens to be my friend and he gained me access to See DCP Abba Kyari in person and report my case, even as I was making my report to DCP Abba Kyari he noticed my accent and we started speaking kanuri while I told him about the incident.

He collected all the information and Wallahi Tallahi after a day DCP Abba Kyari called me asking me to come and verify the Criminals because they are already in custody so my Memories of DCP Abba Kyari will forever remain great, I’ll always remember him for his goodness, good heart, Helpfulness to everybody that meets him with complaint without asking for one kobo from anybody notwithstanding he is not receiving funding from the government and Yes I won’t be happy to see such a great achiever and True Hero falling down.

We are all human and we all equally make mistakes, but if you know Abba kyari personally you will know all these allegations are Set up from envious persons. Many of those attacking DCP Abba Kyari are probably worst than the person they hope to see falling.

Even when you look at the whole 2 cases against him, it’s Set up by envious people and also heavily sponsored media and Social media falsehoods paid against him by IPOB leaders, Few among the opposition party members who are fighting the APC Government, Few envious colleagues and some other enemies he has because of the thousands of criminals he arrested across Nation.

Overwhelming Majority of Nigerians who want peace, Security, Unity and Prosperity for Nigeria are not against Abba kyari because they have seen his record of service and they can’t forfeit the thousands of good he has don’t for his country because of 1 or 2 allegations that are obviously products of set up and envy.

More so people who know Abba kyari and IRT very well, know the fact that Abba kyari achieved all these outstanding results for his country without Government funding but through his friends and goodwill from Nigerians who knows the work he is doing without funding from the Police or the federal Government. IRT has no Government funding unlike the EFCC, ICPC, Military, DSS and other government agencies that are Well funded by the Government.

If I am to write a story about DCP Abba Kyari, he’ll be amongst the few super heroes in the History of Nigeria, And he is never and will never Potray DCP Abba Kyari as a villain, the way some IPOB leaders and some minority population in control of Some media houses and Social media platforms wants to portray him.

May Almighty Allah Make Things Easy For DCP Abba Kyari and make him Achieved the highest Position in Nigeria, Ya Rabbi 🙏