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My Campaign is Suffering, I Need Your Help, Please – Agbakomiza begs Tinubu

  • …I have more economic, national issues to worry about ~ Tinubu replies a sorrowful gubernatorial candidate

By Eseosa Ewere

ALL efforts by the APC gubernatorial candidate in the September 21 Edo governorship election, Monday Okpebholo a.k.a Agbakomiza to secure the support of the President has proven abortive, as Mr. President has made it known that he may not be sufficiently available for the campaigns considering the barrage of national and economic issues his administration is currently grappling with.


Mr. President has said the Edo governorship election must be seen to be a practicable test of popularity of the various Candidates, their Partys and the level of acceptability by the good people of Edo State; observers notes that Mr. President’s body language suggests he may not be playing any favouritism script as Agbakomiza and the APC in Edo wants it.

Left for Agbakomiza and his APC, he, Monday should be sworn-in as Edo State Governor, without necessarily going through the pains of elections; if Monday and his APC had their way, they will enter Osadebey Avenue through the backdoor, undermining every democratic ethos enshrined in our body polity.

However, Edos at home and in the diaspora have declared their overwhelming support for Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, noting that the AiO² arrangement remains the most notable, profitable and revolutionary political development in Edo since 1999; across the Europe, American, and Asian Countries, were a vast majority of Edos are resident, the support continue to pour in like a mighty rushing wind, charging Edos across the globe for the great commission.

At the home front, the support and solidarity is massive, a revolutionary political development that has placed Edo in the radar of public discourse; indeed, Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie are Godsent for the sustainability of existential legacies and the development of the critical sectors that now makes Edo a principal player in the development business.

As the September guber poll fast-approaches, the APC continue to suffer major setbacks, with the Party’s popularity and that of its Candidate diminishing by the day.

Over the weekend, the Party (APC) suffered another heavy blow, when after misleading the public on the speculated nullification of the PDP primaries and its Candidate, Asue Ighodalo, the Abuja FHC eventually released a certified true copy on the matter, without even toughing on the PDP primaries and Asue Ighodalo; the APC had since the release of the CTC, yesterday, buried its head in shame; a development that has caused them to run to the President, yet unable to secure an affirmative supportive statement from Mr. President.

The falsehood peddled by the APC on Friday further exposes the inadequacy, incompetence, irresponsibility and unpreparedness of the Party and its Candidate for the all-important Edo guber poll; Edos have said they are recharged to rally more support for Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, noting that the APC, founded on lies and deciet, will ruin the revolutionary fortunes of Edo State if allowed a shot in Osadebey Avenue.

“We are further determined, resolute to support Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, we will continue to rally cross-cultural support for AiO², having shown capacity, competence, character and charisma in their various regards, they stand better positioned to sustain legacies and expand the scope for improved development of the Edo sub-national”, noted a group of diaspora supporters.

A development the APC thought could score them cheap political point has become their albatross, causing them to run helter-skelter, begging for presidential endorsement; “Mr. President is now overwhelmed by increasing national security and economic issues; go and manage your campaigns, sell your product, if it is attractive, Edo people will buy”, a presidential ally whispered to Agbakomiza recently.

The APC and its handlers, has since the release of the CTC of Friday’s ruling turn cold, depressed, dismembered, looking bruised, used and abused, burying their heads in shame, having exposed their cheap, unattractive lying propaganda machine to a resilient Edo people; how the Party will now face the good people of Edo State after such a deceptive move, is a major issue.

The APC’s wicked idea and devilish intention was to have Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie disqualified from the race, an impossible, unrealistic objective; and as the election approaches with speed, AiO² continue to warm their ways into the hearts and minds of Edo people, whom are the actual deciders of who succeeds Obaseki; Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, having successfully sold the AiO² manifesto to Edo people, stands better positioned, ready, willing, able and capable to chart a new course for the good of Edo.

And as the duo, Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie, alongside their agents continue to reach out to Edos, discussing viable economic ways-forward, Agbakomiza and his poor, deceptive handlers are running door-to-door in the Villa, cap in hand, begging for a non-existent presidential endorsement, living the APC Candidate battered, tearful, sorrowful, as twists of defeat stares dangerously at them this September.

Eseosa Ewere is Media and Publicity Director, Ikpoba-Okha Campaign Council for Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie.

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