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Manu Soro Declares For 2027 Bauchi Governorship Seat

Manu Soro: Tribunal upholds Bauchi reps member's election - Daily Post  Nigeria

From Sanusi Muhammad

A frontline politician and chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) party in Bauchi State, Nura Manu Soro, has declared his intention to re-contest the Bauchi State gubernatorial seat in 2027 in his desire to change the tide of what he described as underdevelopment, absence of social safety nets to the teeming populace and marginalization of other parts of the state in infrastructural development which has over the years bred more of juvenile beggars that ordinarily could have been in schools.
Addressing party supporters and other well-wishers across party divide in Bauchi penultimate Thursday, the soft-spoken politician revealed that he decided to declare his intention at this early stage to prepare the minds of his teaming supporters and other patriots including the party apparatchik at all levels of his preparedness to slug it out with whosoever may be interested in the contest.
Nura added that the tricks applied in2023 politicking that denied some of them the opportunity to fly the flag of the party at the gubernatorial election cannot be repeated as all loopholes have been blocked and the party is now in safe hands beyond control by some self-appointed members of a cabal that dictated to the then party leadership in the state.
“We are all living witnesses of how some of us were marginalized, our efforts frustrated and neutralized while victory was awarded to some favoured contestants that were not the choice of the electorates which eventually caused the party a humiliating defeat at the general elections.
“As party loyalists, we maintained our loyalty to the party as well as the chosen candidates at least to wrest power from our opponents. That was not feasible as the party went to the polls as a fractured entity but pretended to be united.
“As we are steadily approaching another election period and with the present calibre of party leaders, we are confident that no stone will be left unturned until APC takes over the reins of government in Bauchi State in 2027. All we need is to put our house in order and support the right candidates for the task ahead”.
Nura said: “I have offered my humble self for the 2027 contest and as usual, I shall not fail in any way until we collectively emerge victorious. I ask for your support and fervent prayers in the task ahead as my doors are widely opened for genuine suggestions for the benefit of the struggle which is in the best interest of our underdeveloped state”.


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