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Mali Junta Lifts Ban On Political Party Activities


MALI’S military junta has lifted the suspension on political party activities, initially imposed to maintain public order. The suspension was enacted in April, just before a national dialogue aimed at achieving peace in the Sahel region, which has faced a jihadist insurgency for over a decade. The council of ministers stated that the measure successfully prevented public disorder during the peace talks held from April 13 to May 10. Now, with the focus on implementing dialogue recommendations, political parties can resume their activities.


Mali has been under military rule since August 2020, with the junta seizing power in a second coup in 2021. The junta had postponed elections scheduled for February indefinitely, citing technical reasons, leading to public outcry and demands for a return to constitutional order. The region has seen multiple coups, including in neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger, which also face jihadist threats linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State.

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