MAGU/PSC: The Morality And Rectitude Of Rightful Reasoning, By Bala Ibrahim.

All over the world, Muslims are celebrating Eid-el-Fitr, or Sallah, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The festival usually ushers in cheerful celebratory mood, that resonates for all in a sombre atmosphere everywhere. The all here includes those who work with the coming of the month of Shawwal in the Islamic calendar, and those working only with the Gregorian calendar.
This article intends to thank and congratulate the all, for a meaningful milestone, with special sway to the envisaged heroism of the Police Service Commission of Nigeria, PSC, on the issue of Ibrahim Mustapha Magu, the embattled police officer, whose posting and promotion were held static, because of the selfish interests of the unscrupulous.
But perhaps driven by the conscience and sobriety of the Sallah season, alongside the morality of rightful reasoning, the Police Service Commission is reportedly poised to send a smile on the face of hitherto frustrated Magu, as grapevine information are hinting that plans have been concluded to shame the self-centred amongst them, by promoting him to the next rank of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, AIG. This is a brave move.
According to the records, Ibrahim Mustapha Magu, the former acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and a Commissioner of Police, had since tendered his pre-retirement notice, as he is expected to officially retire from the police this week, precisely on the 5th of May this year.
Contrary to the wicked stands of some members of the PSC, specifically the selfish interest of one of them, that is allegedly having an axe to grind with Magu, for investigating a former governor of north-western state of Nigeria, who is the benefactor of the egocentric member, the PSC standing committee is said to have now recommended him for elevation to AIG.
This is not only good for equity, but a big blow to the ego of blackmailers, who live according to the parallel phrase of Live by the sword and die by the sword”.
This self seeking member of the PSC, is famous for playing the opportunistic populist, almost always in order to gain cheap popularity, without recourse to the verification of facts. The member in question is known for blackmail, taking advantage of access to some unprofessional media outlets, whose reputation is ruined as the slanderer smiles to the bank.
But since coming to office last year, IGP Alkali Usman Baba has endeavoured to bring sanity in the police service, through the strict adherence to official rules, or doing everything by the book. This action of IGP Alkali Baba, had restricted the slanderer’s sphere of influence at the Force Headquarters, hence the resort to threats on officers that are unwilling to play ball.
Going by procedure, and as requested administratively, the Police Force had forwarded the name of Magu to the PSC for promotion several times, being duly qualified and competent, but this particular member of the PSC, who is a specialist in smear campaign, is permanently throwing a spanner in the works, by denying him the vote for the promotion.
Those familiar with the antics of the slanderer say, the aim is to rattle Magu into submitting something substantial, in consideration for a vote. But has he got it, or, if a panel of a retired justice can not justifiably establish something against someone, can a conceited person so succeed?
It may be recalled that Magu’s tribulation began in 2020, when he was suspended from office as acting EFCC chairman, over some allegations against him of graft and insubordination, that resulted in him appearing before a presidential panel headed by retired Justice Ayo Salami.
The panel had submitted its report since, but in conformity with the lack of fairness or justice, the government has refused to openly establish the correctness or otherwise of the allegations, thereby giving some people the opportunity to blackmail or victimize the man that was saddled with the responsibility of fighting the strongest scourge of Nigeria-corruption. This is injustice, a higher level of corruption.
Magu must have had his own problems. As a human being, he cannot be without some. But let him be sanctioned by those with clean hands. And even at that, the principles of fairness and impartiality must be put to play.
When in July last year, the PSC declined to promote Magu during the promotion of 24 Commissioners of Police and other officers, the commission’s spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, in a statement said, “The commission declined the promotion of Magu pending clearance from the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice and the Office of the Inspector- General of Police,”
But while nothing came from the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation, the office of the IGP reportedly sent Magu’s name for promotion, because, according to sources, nothing was communicated to them to warrant the omission of his name for promotion.
While commiserating with Magu for the indignity meted out on him, I hasten to applaud the PSC, for the envisaged engagement of morality, and the rectitude of rightful reasoning, through the calling off, of the bluff of a blackmailer