Like Accountant General, Amhed Idris Abba Kyari Should Be Released After Six Months In Detention, By M.B KUCHICHI

IF the Accountant General of the Federation can be granted Bail by the same Court in few days of his arrest and detention, why not Abba Kyari who has been in detention for over 6 months because of Set up by some envious colleagues who are desperately trying to make name in the media by framing him over drug allegations?

It is no more a news that the  Super Cop, Dcp Abba Kyari has been  detained and arraigned before the Federal High Court, Abuja Division for prosecution. Kyari whose proceedings is ongoing is currently detained in the Kuje correctional centre, Abuja. Even when the allegations are bailable by Law, they made the Court not to give him bail for over 6 months.

The Accountant General of the Federation, Idris and his co-defendants have been in and out of court within the last two weeks following a 14-count charge bordering on theft and criminal breach of trust to the tune of N109.5 billion, preferred against them by the Nigerian government. Inspite of that, they were granted bail yesterday by the said court.

I believed on gravity, the offence alleged to have been committed by the Accountant General of the Federation outweighed that of Kyari.

With the absence of Kyari, we can see how bandits, kidnappers and other criminals accomplishing their missions and going scott-free.

Meanwhile, the money alleged to have been stolen by the Accountant General of the Federation would go a long way in setling some if the not the whole of the ASUU’s demands.  Hence releasing him on bail could only increase the already psychological tendency of corruption amongst Nigerians.

I believe it would be of the interest of the general public to fight the  insecurity bedeviling Nigeria. Also, part of the grounds of entering NOLLE PROSEQUI by the Attorney General of the Federation is for the PUBLIC INTEREST. It is hereby a call on the Attorney General of the Federation to do so, so that Kyari will come back to his work and continue fighting against  the deadly Brandits, Kidnappers and other criminals in the country.

Nolle prosequi, a Latin expression which means ‘I am unwilling to prosecute’ is a power entrusted to the Attorneys-General of the Federation and of the states respectively to discontinue the prosecution of any criminal act before any court of law except a court martial, at any time before judgement is delivered. See section 174 of the 1999 Constituion of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as Amended).

If such is  not obtainable, let the court grant him bail for he deserves it.