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Liberian President Boakai To Cut Salary By 40%

LIBERIAN President Joseph Boakai has declared a significant reduction in his salary by 40 percent, a move intended to set a precedent for responsible governance and express solidarity with the citizens of Liberia. His office stated that this decision is aimed at addressing the growing concerns over government salaries amid rising living costs in the country, where approximately one in five people survive on less than $2 a day.

President Boakai’s annual salary, previously revealed to be $13,400, will now be reduced to $8,000. This decision mirrors a similar action taken by his predecessor, George Weah, who had previously cut his salary by 25 percent. While some Liberians have applauded Boakai’s decision, others question the true impact of the cut given the president’s additional benefits such as daily allowances and medical coverage. Notably, the budget allocated for the presidential office this year stands at almost $3 million.


Anderson D. Miamen from the Centre of Transparency and Accountability in Liberia welcomed the salary cut, emphasising the importance of transparent use of the deducted funds to positively impact citizens’ lives. W. Lawrence Yealue II, whose organisation also advocates for government transparency, commended the president’s decision, asserting that leadership should demonstrate sacrifices from the top. Yealue also expressed hope that the president’s benefits would be reviewed in the upcoming budget.

In addition to his salary reduction, President Boakai has pledged to empower Liberia’s Civil Service Agency to ensure that public servants receive fair compensation for their contributions to the country. This commitment comes in the wake of a recent protest by lawmakers, who complained about not receiving their official vehicles and resorted to using tuk-tuks, known locally as keh keh, to perform their duties.

Taking office in January after defeating George Weah in a run-off election, President Boakai has made anti-corruption and financial transparency key priorities of his administration. He has declared his assets since assuming office and ordered an audit of the presidential office, though the results have yet to be released. Moreover, he has strengthened the General Auditing Commission and the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission to combat corruption and financial mismanagement, issues that plagued Weah’s administration and sparked mass protests amid worsening living conditions.

As Liberia navigates these challenging times, President Boakai’s salary cut and his broader efforts to promote transparency and accountability signal a commitment to addressing the concerns of the Liberian people and fostering a more responsible government.

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