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Kola Abiola’s Leadership Skills Doubted By MKO Abiola’s Son

Abdulmumuni Abiola, son of the late MKO Abiola, has strongly criticized the management of his father’s legacy, particularly blaming his brother Kola Abiola for failing to uphold their father’s achievements. In an interview with MIC ON hosted by Seun Okinbaloye, Abdulmumuni expressed disappointment that Kola, who had the opportunity to champion their father’s cause, allegedly did not prioritize it, even during MKO Abiola’s imprisonment. He also highlighted Kola’s relationship with General Ibrahim Babangida’s daughter at that time, suggesting it diverted attention from their family’s struggle.

Abdulmumuni emphasized that MKO Abiola’s contributions to Nigerian democracy have not been adequately preserved or honored, despite receiving posthumous recognition from former President Muhammadu Buhari. He called for a more concerted effort from both his family and the nation to safeguard and promote his father’s legacy.

Regarding his relationship with Kola, Abdulmumuni revealed they are not on good terms, attributing this to unresolved issues around their father’s investments and stating his disappointment. He criticized Kola’s management abilities, implying that if one cannot handle smaller responsibilities, they should not be entrusted with larger ones.


In summary, Abdulmumuni Abiola’s interview underscores his dissatisfaction with the handling of MKO Abiola’s legacy and his strained relationship with his brother Kola, whom he believes could have played a more significant role in preserving their father’s legacy.

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