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Kenyans Lead Global Social Media Use With Over 3.5 Hours Daily

ACCORDING to, Kenyans are the most avid consumers of social media content, spending an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes on digital platforms daily. This trend highlights the significant transformation in Kenya’s digital landscape over the past decade.

Edith Reads, a financial analyst at Stocklytics, commented on this phenomenon, stating, ‘Kenya’s digital landscape has significantly transformed over the past decade. With rapid technological advancements, increased internet penetration, and the proliferation of affordable smartphones, social media has become an integral part of Kenyan society. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have grown exponentially in popularity, serving as essential tools for communication, entertainment, business, and activism.’


Global comparison

While global social media usage has decreased slightly to an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day, Kenya and South Africa stand out with significantly higher usage. South Africans average 3 hours and 41 minutes daily, just below Kenya. Brazil follows closely, with users spending 3 hours and 37 minutes on social media each day.

Other notable countries include the Philippines, where nationals spend 3 hours and 34 minutes daily, and Nigeria, with an average of 3 hours and 25 minutes. Despite high individual usage, Kenya’s social media penetration is 23.5 percent, translating to approximately 13.05 million users out of the total population. This contrasts with the UAE, which boasts the highest social media usage ratio at 112.3 percent of its population.

Reasons for high usage

Social media serves multiple roles in Kenya, from being a primary source of news and information to a platform for social interaction and entertainment. As traditional media declines, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become vital for real-time updates on local and global events. Additionally, social media offers various forms of entertainment, such as viral TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and YouTube channels, catering to diverse interests and keeping users engaged for extended periods.

Popular platforms in Kenya

Facebook is the leading social media platform in Kenya, with 47.5 percent of the user population, closely followed by WhatsApp at 47.3 percent. YouTube holds a 21 percent share, while TikTok and Instagram have 17.8 percent and 11.8 percent, respectively. The widespread popularity of these platforms is driven by increased mobile connectivity and a tech-savvy youthful population. As of January 2024, Kenya reported 66.04 million cellular mobile connections, with even remote areas gaining greater access, indicating a move towards a more connected future.

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