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Kenya Ramps Up Security Measures Amid Warnings Of Terror Attacks

KENYAN police said Friday they have ramped up security operations across the country to disrupt any terror plans in the country.

Police spokesman Bruno Shioso advised Kenyans to remain vigilant and warned there would be disruptive measures in some places including major roads and premises for the sake of warnings by three foreign nations on the impending terror attack over the weekend.

‘The service has re-engineered her police units in line with modern day policing dynamics, challenges and emerging threats. Security operations that ensure that imminent attacks are forestalled proactively remain our priority,’ Shioso said in a statement issued in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.


The statement came after the French, German and Dutch governments warned of a possible terror attack in Kenya over the weekend.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs cautioned its citizens as well as expatriates from other Western countries to avoid public areas and crowded places it classified as possible hotspots. These include hotels, restaurants, leisure spots and commercial centres in the city. It called on foreigners living and working in Nairobi to exercise extreme vigilance in the coming days, especially over this weekend.

The German embassy also issued a warning that over the next few days its citizens in Kenya should pay special attention when out in public and be alert. These are in addition to the general rules that the embassy has for its nationals whenever they are out in public.

Shioso said more checks were being mounted on roads entrances to various premises, noting the police have progressively fortified their security systems in information sharing and they value credible, authentic and verifiable information.

The police spokesman said they had scaled up operations in the country and assured the public of safety at large, while asking the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious happenings in their areas.

Kenya has experienced a string of attacks on churches and public places in the recent past, blaming them on the insurgents from Somalia who have vowed to attack Kenya because Kenyan military forces entered Somalia in 2011 to fight against the group.

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