Judas Tony Aziegbemi, By Amb. Tony Okonigene

WHENEVER I read through statements credited to the Edo State PDP Chairman, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, I cannot but help taking my mind back to March 2020 during the Edo State PDP state Congress in Benin. I vividly remember how Chief Dan Orbih muscled majority of the delegates to vote an unpopular Aziegbemi against the choice of The Edo Central delegates, Chief Omi Imosili. I did not support Aziegbemi in the hall. I pitched my tent with Omi the choice of Edo Central but Chief Dan Orbih used his political structure to ensure that Tony Aziegbemi emerged as chairman. I still remember Tony Aziegbemi going down on his knees to answer Chief Dan Orbih whenever he was called in the hall.

The Legacy PDP led by Chief Dan Orbih must be having a close taste of how Jesus Christ felt when he was betrayed by Judas. These are the people Dr Tony Aziegbemi in a public statement circulated in the social media today 1st of December, 2022 referred to as ” agents of discord ” to please his new pay masters.

The statement issued by the State chairman in respect of the well marshaled judgement of His Lordship, Justice Ekwo is rather unfortunate. His attempts to twist the narratives to please the hearing of his pay master whom he owes allegiance to because of the ” tax collectors ” saga is demeaning of the office he accidentally occupies.

Honourable Justice Ekwo has issued orders that have stood the test of time in the Edo PDP crisis. His order made the National delegates of the Legacy PDP to vote during the National Convention. His order has ensured that the Legacy candidates names are still in the INEC’S main portal. His judgement today on the authentic candidates cannot be faulted by any Appellant Court.

Outside his judgment on the delegates that was set aside by the Appeal Court for lack of jurisdiction because of section 285 of the constitution of the FRN ( as amended), no other order or judgement of his has been upturned by the upper courts.

It is worthy of note that the State Working Committee of the party has 14 members including the chairman. Out of all these, only Dr Tony Aziegbemi stands alone. No one is with him. That is why he personally issues and signs statements that should ordinarily be issued by the State Publicity Secretary. For him, the PDP Secretariat is in his bedroom where he meets with his cohorts to issue statements purportedly on behalf of the party.

But for the controversial amendment hurriedly carried out by the Court of Appeal Benin concerning its judgement of November 23rd, the candidates of the Obaseki’s group who Aziegbemi is parading as the candidates of his party were already thrown into the dustbin. The Federal High Court Abuja judgement delivered today by Honourable Justice Ekwo and the position of the Justices of The Court of Appeal Benin on the substantive Appeal have settled the matters for the Supreme Court.

Tony Aziegbemi is trying to encourage his already deflated followers that their candidates will be declared authentic by the Supreme Court on technical grounds. He like his masters are convinced that they did not conduct valid primaries as attested to by the Court of Appeal Benin and the Federal High Court Abuja.

As things stand now, the Obaseki’s group has only the judgement of the Federal High Court Benin ( which is already on shakey grounds), in their favour while the Legacy candidates have The Federal High Court Abuja judgement and the Court of Appeal judgement on the substantive Appeal in their favour. Note that the Court of Appeal struck out the Appeal. This does not in any way mean that the Obaseki’s group has the judgement of the Appeal Court as being circulated by Tony Aziegbemi in his statement. The Justices found the Appeal by the Legacy PDP meritorious. All these are before the Supreme Court for determination. Your guess is as good as mine.