John Mayaki: A common criminal and fugitive delights in maligning decent people By Eben Enasco Kingsley

John Mayaki: A common criminal and fugitive delights in maligning decent people By Eben Enasco Kingsley

FREEPRESS – Well meaning Edo people have been observing the absolute falsehood being circulated by John Mayaki, an embittered criminal at large and former interim Chief Press Secretary to  Governor Godwin Obaseki who has been struggling for the attention of the Edo State government through blackmail and spreading of falsehood  on social media.

After failing to sway any reasonable person in government with his outright falsehood, he clearly crossed the line in his latest malicious post, in which he denigrated a personality as decent as the First Lady of Edo State, Mrs Betsy Obaseki.

For those who know Governor Obaseki’s wife and what she stands for, the likes of John Mayaki, a fraudster and notorious blackmailer, would ordinarily not share a common space, literarily and figuratively.

Mayaki is a known thief who stole media equipment from Government House and made away with one million naira given to him to organise a press conference for the office of the First Lady.

He stole over seven million naira from the communication office in Government House and several other government-owned media equipment after his incompetence cost him his job as interim Chief Press Secretary.

As he continues with his attacks on very decent and law abiding people in society, Mayaki should rest assured that a man hunt is well under way to smoke him out of his hiding to enable him provide evidence of his falsehood. Talk they say is cheap, and he who alleges must prove.

The First Lady is an industrious woman who has invested years in building a decent career and family and deserves our protection.

Even if someone has hired Mayaki to execute the criminal assignment of denigrating the Obaseki government, clearly Mayaki has exceeded his brief and has gone insane as he wakes up daily and cooks up lies to disseminate on social media.

But as long as Mayaki is still alive, he will be made to answer to the law, prove the false allegations he has been churning out and explain his reason for maligning very decent and law abiding people. The long arm of the law will certainly catch up with criminals like Mayaki for assassinating the character of the first lady.

The wheel of justice turns slowly but it does grind exceedingly fine and Mayaki, sooner or later will face justice.

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