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Jefferson Woghiren Esq Emerges As The President Of A Re-energised Niger College Old Students’ Association

IT was a gathering of the Eagles and the Falcons as Niger College Old Students’ Association , put its first eleven forward, in a very exciting 2022 electoral process ,held at Staff Room of Niger College ,Benin City on Saturday 5th November, 2022.The event was anchored by no less a person than the purveyor of Niger College Old Students’ Association in this era, the charismatic and debonair Osasu Usenbor, the Chairman of the NICOSA 2022 Elections Electoral Committee.

It appears that there was a consensus by the various classes of Niger College that represent the components of the Organisation , as all Contestants were returned unpossed by affirmation .Renown Benin Lawyer , Journalist and Social Media Influencer-Jefferson Woghiren Esq., emerged as President.Other officials elected included Mr .Aimuowosa as Secretary , Ako Harry as Publicity Secretary , top Financial Advisor and former Banker – Mr .Emma Eboigbe as Financial Secretary and Mr Raymond Abusonwon as Assistant Secretary and others .Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., administered the Oath of Office to a rousing applause from the delegates from each class, some whom expressed great pleasure at the revitalization of the Organisation , which has now taken a positive turn , for the fulfilment of its objectives.There were Goodwill Messages from Members of the Board of Trustees of NICOSA.A Minute silence was observed for a former Principal of the School , Mr. Ehigie , who died recently.

Members also made suggestions for greater flights in the Organisation , including the resuscitation of the School Clubs like Press Club , the Nigerian Red Cross ,the Drug Free Club , the Nigerian Economic and Political Enlightenment Club (NEPEC),etc.The Need to resuscitate the Hockey Culture in the school with building of a hockey pitch, the need to remove the illegal GSM Mast said to have been put there by some persons for pecuniary gains and which poses health risks to the lives of the students and teachers.


The need to instil discipline in the students and mentor them .There was great enthusiasm among Members present as they exchanged notes on how to move the school and the Old Students’ Association forward .
The New President-Jefferson Woghiren Esq., expressed joy at being given the mattle of leadership and promised to give everyone a sense of belonging.He enunciated his blueprint , which was well received by all present.It promises to be a new era .

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