International Women’s Day- A reminder About Who A woman Is

By Norbert Fidelis
Today marks the celebration of another International Women’s Day (IWD). Its a global holiday and a day set aside by the United Nations to    celebrate women and their various achievements in , science and technology, politics, business, cultural as well as social economic achievements
Its also a day to draw peoples attention to the injustice suffered by women in issues of gender equality , domestic and sexual violence as well as canvass the support for reproductive right among women
While some countries observe the day as a public holiday others observe it as a period for protest and call for radical change as it affects women.  In Europe, its seen as a social, cultural celebration and a celebration of womanhood
However, it was in 1975 that the United Nations  started observing the International Women’s Day and in 1977, the body announced March 8 as the official day of the holiday celebration with a particular theme for each year
Be it as it may, as the decades run bye ,the day is being criticized in some quarters as diminishing in vision and value  particularly in the West, where some corporations are sponsoring it to promote their selfish interest instead of the radical social reforms associated with the celebration
In Nigeria, women have really come a long way and have proved to be better managers and better achievers than their male folks. Women have also proved and shown to be more compassionate and humane than their male folks as it can be seen in the various humanitarian projects they carry out. In terms of social economic achievements, we have the likes of  Dr.Mrs. Okonjo Iweala who is a world bank Director, Mrs . Oby Ezwkesili, Onyeka Onwenu and Mrs.  Folorunsho Alakija just to mention a few. Unfortunately, women are not given much chance like their male folks and are not well celebrated , especially in politics. This has proved to be a great undoing as the male gender has always failed the nation woefully
Again, the issue of sexual and domestic violence as well as reproductive rights needs to be addressed as most men see women as a footstool. In some parts of Nigeria, India, Afghanistan, and even Pakistan, women are seen as slaves and don’t even have a right to themselves as the man decides everything. Teenage marriage and pregnancy is another terrible thing that should be addressed as women have a right to choose for themselves and also a reproductive right . Other issues that are ravaging the female gender includes, Female Genital Mutilation, rape and domestic violence
A woman should have a right to herself just like her male counterparts. They should not be made to suffer unjustly a woman is a blessing and a good manager appreciate her and you will be blessed and happy.  Any government, organization or even establishment where there is no woman will definitely turn out to be a failure. Ditto for a home where there is no woman. Lets join in the fight against injustice meted out to women and follow it up to a logical conclusion. Treat her like a lady
The theme of this years celebration is, An equal world is an enabled, world