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In “Gods Name” RCCG Owed Access Bank N9.3B

RCCG: How God dealt with billionaires who queried me over their tithe - Pastor  Adeboye - Daily Post Nigeria

According to Thisday Live, Access bank put the sum of N373,578,342.77 as the interest due on July 21, 2024 in addition to a total outstanding principal of N9billion.

I laugh in Chinese  Church dey owe? What happened to “You shall not borrow but lend to many nations?


WHEN you tell church sheeeep that church is a profitable business, they want to stone you. Pastor borrow money to build church just as Dangote borrow money to Dangote Group of businesses.

How can a church of God borrow money? This clearly shows that there’s no God involved. No supernatural power involved. It is purely a human affair business venture. It is a shame and disgrace to the name of the God of RCCG.

You mean despite collecting tithes and offerings everyday all over the world and running expensive schools with businesses, the Church of God is still indebted?

I pity church sheeeep who don’t want to be set free. They call themselves church members, but the pastors see them as CUSTOMERS who patronise their church business. Today’s churches are not different from secular businesses. It is a religious business outfit run by the church founders; not God.

COME OUT OF THEM. They are not preparing you for any heaven. They are building their heaven here on earth. They know no heaven exists. This is why they are gathering wealth on earth. A word is enough for the wise. copied.

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