How Defamed And Defanged Oshiomhole Seeks Relevance By Attacking Labour Party And Peter Obi?

How Defamed And Defanged Oshiomhole Sicks Relevance By Attacking Labour Party And Peter Obi?

I saw Adams Oshiomole interview yesterday on Arise Television.

Adams Oshiomhole say 'I still be APC National Chairman' - BBC News Pidgin

He attacked peter obi even when the Television anchors didn’t even ask him a direct question on peter obi.

He attacked the vice president on economic issues even when he wasn’t directly asked about the vice president or anything related to economy.

And shamelessly distance Tinubu from the calamity and catastrophic mess going on under the APC government of PMB they helped installed even when he wasn’t asked…

And in all,I see a man who once admirably led a Nigeria labour Congress and govern Edo state creditably well speaking out of deep frustration.

And the frustration isn’t far fetched.

The osun election opened their eyes to so many realities but it seems at this stage that it is way too late to address those realities.

Nigerians are angry!!!

With what happened in osun,the federal government isn’t backing their already failed presidential bid and I want you to write this down.

You cannot ridicule, humiliate and directly insult those who you want to take power from if you are completely confident they will give you on a platter of gold.

You will rather praise them like typical politician do but they choose the later because it’s obvious PMB is ready and willing to ensure a free, fair and credible election like we witness in osun.

Dear obidient,

I have only three advice for you

You are on track, I repeat you are on track…


So keep pushing,keep fighting,keep busting their lies, propaganda and fake promises.

You have a sellable candidate which Nigerians are ready to buy.

Push it to their faces every seconds of every minute of every hour of everyday of every week of every month till February.


It will take your lack of participation in this election for them to win.

Keep the excitement, euphoria and passion up… They can’t bribe hundreds of millions of starving Nigerians who are angry with the system.


Don’t let them tell you this election won’t be free and fair… this election will be one of the most free, fair and credible election and vote buying may not save them this time around.

Oshiomole knows all these and that is why he was bleating like a confused “EWURE” on national television.

APC knows this from the osun election that is why they are buying all the “buyables” including those you thought has integrity.

Good morning to all obidient children only.

May all the gains you seek of this country be yours and your household.