Hon. Pius Allie’s Birthday Anniversary Message To Rt. Hon. Samson Osagie

TODAY, I join your beloved family, friends and admirers to celebrate you, Rt. Hon. Dr. Samson Osagie as you mark another anniversary of the beginning of your most eventful and remarkable life.

Indeed, you are very deserving of celebration, having been a top class act as a legal personage, an academic, an administrator and a legislator.

An illuminator of the horizons of your engagements, a courageous and fearless protagonist of democracy, good governance and development, you have always been the reference point of exemplary character.

Your intellectual disposition coupled with your articulateness has been a source inspiration and pride to Edo people. And I can say that within the span of your existence you have left marks indelible in the sands of time.

To Edo people and Nigerians, as the opportunities came, you have given your time and your wisdom to contribute to causes which promote their wellbeing as a nation builder. Your image looms large for this in the hallowed chambers of the State and National Assemblies.

My honourable brother, in spite of the inevitable drawbacks that you may have experienced in between your achievements, I want you to reflect on the good things you have done and the grace you have enjoyed to do them, and then draw strength to believe that the best of your life is yet ahead and within your reach.

In the meantime, enjoy this blessed day of your life as I wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns in excellent health and boundless prosperity.