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Hajiya: They Demanded N1bn But After Discussion With A Family Member, They Reduced It To N900m — Source

ABDUCTORS of Hajiya Hauwa’u Adamu, mother of well-known Hausa musician Dauda Adamu, also known as Rarara, have reportedly lowered their ransom demand to N900 million after initially asking for N1 billion.

ACCORDING to Daily Trust, a source close to the family in Kahutu who wished to remain anonymous said that the kidnappers contacted the family and initially demanded a ransom of N1 billion.


However, after a brief negotiation with a family member, they agreed to reduce the amount to N900 million.

The source indicated that the conversation was short, and since then, the abductors have not made further contact.

He said that the family is anxiously waiting for the bandits to resume negotiations.

Detailing the abduction, the source described it as a meticulously planned operation.

He said that the kidnappers came prepared with a photograph of Hajiya Hauwa’u Adamu to ensure they captured the correct person.

He disclosed that upon entering her bedroom, they woke all the women sleeping there and compared their faces to the photograph to correctly identify her.

According to the source, once they confirmed her identity, the kidnappers demanded money.

He said that Hajiya Adamu showed them the cash in her bedside drawer, but it was insufficient. The abductors then informed her that they would be taking her with them. Without resistance, Hajiya Adamu complied with their instructions.

The source stated that the abduction has left the entire village of Kahutu in a state of shock.

He said that the elderly woman is well-regarded in the community for her generosity and kindness, often helping many families in the village.

The source expressed the community’s distress and disbelief at the incident, highlighting the profound impact her kidnapping has had on the villagers.

The source said, “They called the family with a phone of a woman the bandits collected when they came to pick up Hajiya. They demanded N1bn, but after a brief discussion with a member of the family, they reduced the amount to N900m.

“At first, they demanded to seal the deal with Rarara himself because he felt sick following the abduction of his mother.

“They agreed to strike the deal with a member of the family. They confirmed to the family that Hajiya is in good condition and that she would be released as soon as the money is paid.”

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