Group Carpets Christian Leaders’ Involvement in Politics Through False Prophecies

Catholic priests

AN Edo State-based pressure group, the Masses Eyes on Sunday carpeted religious leaders particularly Christian leaders who gave all manner of prophecies ahead of the February 25th presidential election into the country which outcome it said turned out to be a reflection of what they wanted and not what God told them as they claimed.

A statement made available to journalists in Benin City by the coordinator of the group, Ikpomnwonsa Momorin said ahead of the 2024 governorship election in Edo state, such men of God who are already raring their heads should stay clear and allow the masses choose their next governor, “Some of them we hear are even interested in contesting”

“Members of the Clergy gave us different types of false prophecies in the elections held in February. We are appealing to members of the Clergy to be truthful and learn to stick with God. All forms of prophecies made during the elections held in the month of February were false and this is a great shame and mockery to the Christian faith and other religious leaders.

“In our hearts, we have some people who we feel can lead us perfectly well and we know that they will lead us well because we trust them and chose them and they were not imposed on us by some influential leaders.

“We the masses need a leader that is always willing to answer us at any time and needs their help.