Group Berates Gov. Obaseki Over ‘Inhumane’ Sack Of Over 500 Workers, Urges Obaseki To Reverse Decision

A pan-Edo development group, Edo Development Forum, has condemned the recent sack of over 500 workers by the Obaseki-administration in its controversial transition of the defunct state sports council to the Edo State Sports Commission.

Although the state government has backed the mass dismissal as crucial to its transition plans of the sports department, the group denounced the decision and termination process as “inhumane, depressive, and avoidable.”

In a statement released by the group’s Executive Director and Director of Media,

Barr Felix Isere and Mr. Baron Mike respectively, the group called for a reversal of the decision while also urging Governor Obaseki to perform his duties with compassion for the citizens, as opposed to his “embittered and ruthless approach.”

The statement read: “We are sad to once again see that Governor Godwin Obaseki has continued with his heartless and inconsiderate governance style following the unfortunate sack of over 500 persons in the state’s sports council cum commission.”

“It speaks to the Governor’s inhumane nature that he believes throwing people out of jobs in such a callous manner and at this moment of great economic pressure is something the state needs.”

“These are men and women who have sacrificed opportunities to contribute to the development of sports in the state. Many have put in decades of their lives to the cause, even in less than ideal circumstances. Yet this is how the Governor has decided to reward their efforts and sacrifices. What message does that transmit to other citizens, especially when called to heed patriotic duties?”

“Why must Governor Godwin Obaseki drag the people down the most painful path in his so-called transition efforts that yield no result? Does he take delight in causing people needless pain?”

“While we believe that the sports department needs a comprehensive revamp following the regrettable neglect of the past six years, we do not agree that the only way to do so is by increasing the unemployment figures in the state by over 500. Surely there is a more humane approach.”

“We call for an immediate reversal of this decision and encourage Governor Obaseki to desist from these sadistic actions.”