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Google Ambassador Encourages Women To Utilise Opportunities In Programmes

A Woman Techmaker Ambassador (WTA), Mrs Gbemisola Esho, on Sunday encouraged women to take advantage of the opportunities in Google’s Women Techmakers Programme.

In an interview  with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) In Lagos, Esho said that the programme was a global initiative aimed at empowering women in technology and bridging the gender gap in the tech industry.

According to her, this programme works to give women visibility, foster a more inclusive and diverse environment for women in tech through various programmes, events and initiatives.


“Google’s Women Techmakers Programme has made significant strides in promoting women’s empowerment in the tech industry.

“By providing opportunities for education, networking and career development, the programme has helped to increase women’s representation in tech and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

‘’As a result, more women are pursuing careers in technology, and the industry is benefiting from their diverse perspectives and contributions,’’ she said.

Esho said that there are two streams: the Women Techmakers Membership, which was free and open to all to join.

She said the other stream was the Women Techmakers Ambassador Programme which was by selection after application.

According to her, the key components of the Women Techmakers Programme include events and workshops, mentorship and leadership programmes and community building.

Esho said that the programme organised events and workshops to bring together women in tech, promoted networking and provided opportunities for learning and skill development.

Esho said that these events included conferences, hackathons, coding workshops and panel discussions in which participants gained exposure to cutting-edge technologies, connected with industry experts and enhanced their technical skills.

She said that Google offered mentorship and leadership programmes to help women in tech advance their careers and develop their skills.

“Mentors provide guidance, support and career advice to mentees while leadership programmes equip women with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on leadership roles in the tech industry,” she added.

Esho noted that the community building programme facilitated the creation of online and offline communities where women in tech could connect, share experiences and support each other.

She said that these communities provided a platform for women to discuss challenges, seek advice and collaborate on projects.

According to her, the programme also hosts regular meetups and networking events to strengthen connections and foster a sense of belonging.

Esho urged women to take advantage of all these opportunities to develop industry relevant skills. (NAN)

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