Godwin Obaseki’s Mendacity

“I heard that Chief Dan Osi Orbih went around, saying there is no Harmonization in Edo PDP. This is really irresponsible to say and an insult to members of the Party, as the Party has truly harmonized in the State” – Obaseki.
The Above Statement By The Governor, Godwin Obaseki Shows Clearly The Height Of Deceit And Ingratitude Inherent In His Person. One Cannot Imagine How He (Godwin Obaseki) Would Refer To A Statement Made In Line With The Constitutional Provisions Of Our Great Party As Irresponsible,One Who Has Long Being Active In Party Politics Long Before Obaseki Was Accidentally Drafted Into The Economic Team Of Former Governor Adams Oshiomhole. One Who Kept, Built And Led The Party While In Opposition  In The State When Obaseki Was Busying Himself In His Private Dishonest Venture In Lagos.
Obaseki, Only Recently Jolted To The Stark Reality That Next Year (2023 Is An Election Year,  Instead Of Striving To See That He Fulfills The Promises Made To The Good People Of Edo State, Rather In His Most Deceitful Nature Came Up With His Failed Harmonization Gimmick To Divert The People’s Attention  From His Glaring Failure, All In An Attempt To Install His Decamped Stooges Nay Errand Boys In Various Positions Of Power In Our State As To Further Compound The Misery He’s Putting The State Through.
We Vehemently Refuse To Be Dissuaded By His Deceit From Demanding He Respects Our Party Constitution, Face The Purpose Of His Mandate  And Deliver On Promises Made To Our People. He Should For The Umpteenth Time Note That He Was Not Elected To Waste The Collective Patrimony Of Our People On His Vaulting Ambition Of Taking Over A Party Structure He Met Legally Constituted Which Worked Tirelessly For His Second Term Emergence As Governor. Indeed, Obaseki’s Ingratitude Has Gotten To A Notorious Height Of Witchcraft.
He Should By Now Have Noted The Chief Dan Osi Orbih Has Firmly Stood By The Dictates Of Our Party Constitution And Defended It Overtime,Led And Still Leading By An  Impeccable Example As All Decisions Taken By Him Are Guided By The Party Constitution For The Good Of All.
Unfortunately, Same Cannot Be Said Of Godwin Obaseki Administratively / Politically As He Glorifies Himself In The Importation Of Thuggery To Our Party And The Gross Abuse Of The Party’s Constitutional Provisions In His Dubious Attempt In Muscling The Party Executives To Relinguish Their Constitutional Mandates Of Leading The Party.
The Mandates Of Our Dear Party Executives Were Gotten Through A Constitutionally Recognized Congress And Ratified By The NWC Of Our Great Party And Therefore, Cannot Be Wished Away By Him Or His Minions. If He Desperately So Wishes To Alter Anything In The Party Hierarchy, He Should So Do Constitutionally Or Go To Court.
The PDP Is A Party With Utmost Respect For Her Constitution And Shall Continue To Wax Stronger With Or Without Him Not Minding The Crude Machinations And Mindset He Came Into The Party With.
We Stand Firmly By Our Constitution And Our Amiable, Dear And Most Reliable Leader, Chief Dan Osi Orbih. We Call On The State Chapter Of Our Party To As A Matter Of Urgent Necessity Forward A Petition Stipulating All The Acts Of Disunity Perpetrated By The Governor For Disciplinary Action. It Is Hightime It Is Made Clear That No One Is Above The Laws ( Constitution) Of Our Great Party. The Mendacity Of Obaseki Has To Be Put In Check For He Does Not Mean Well For Our Party And The Good People Of Our Dear State, Edo.
Ohi Imoukhuede
PDP Owan West LGA